Live From TechCrunch50 .TV shows by Ustream

And so it begins. The finalists are prepped and double-prepped. The Demopit companies are overflowing in the halls. And we are about to start this year’s TechCrunch50. For all of you following along at home (or the office), we’ll be streaming the conference live via Ustream here on TechCrunch as well as on the TechCrunch50 website. You can also vote for your favorite startups on this page thanks to Microsoft Bizpark. (The voting will begin as the startups start presenting). The startup with the most votes will win our Web audience award.

You can also follow along on various social media sites. Just search for the tag #tc50 . You can find official photos here on Flickr and Tweetmeme has set up a TC50 channel that aggregates links and Tweets. You can also try these links:

Twitter: #techcrunch50 or #tc50
FriendFeed: #techcrunch50 or #tc50
Flickr: techcrunch50 or tc50

So who will be the next Mint? Stay with us over the next two days to find out.

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TC50: Radiusly says companies should forget Twitter, microblog with us instead VentureBeat.
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