Zoho Launches Sign-In Integration With Google Apps

Last summer, Zoho, a web-based software suite that includes document, project and invoicing management tools, integrated Google and Yahoo sign-ins, allowing users to sign into Zoho using a Google or Yahoo account. Today, Zoho is launching sign-in integration with Google Apps, letting users login to Zoho using their Google Apps credentials.

When Zoho users try to login to Zoho, they’ll be given a ‘Google Apps’ option in the sign-in box. Users can input their Google Apps domain name, and will be redirected to Google to sign-in using their Google Apps credentials. They will be given the option of authorizing “accounts.zoho.com” and will then be logged in to Zoho directly.

Google Apps is actually a serious competitor to Zoho, so the integration isn’t surprising. But Zoho says that many of its business applications, including Zoho CRM, Invoice, Meeting, and others, actually complement Google Apps and makes the transition between the two product suites seamless.

Despite facing competition from Microsoft and Google, Zoho continues to remain as a player in the document management space thanks to continuous innovations in its product. In fact, because of this competitive atmosphere that’s chock full of big-name companies, integrations are vital to the software’s success as an application suite. Recently, Zoho launched integration with Microsoft Sharepoint as well as with Microsoft Access. Zoho’s project management application, Zoho Projects 2.0, also added the capability to import existing projects from MS Project, Microsoft’s project management desktop software.