Web-Based Productivity Suite Zoho Now Integrated With Microsoft SharePoint

Zoho Suite, a web-based software suite comprised of document, project and invoicing management tools, has launched an add-on that allows Zoho Office to integrate with Microsoft SharePoint.

Zoho users can now create new documents and save them to SharePoint in MS Office formats, view existing documents within SharePoint using Zoho apps, and edit existing documents with Zoho Apps and save them back to SharePoint. The new add-on also provides collaborative editing functionality in Zoho with the integration with SharePoint. Zoho says the add-on costs $2/user/month on an yearly subscription or $3/user/month for monthly subscription.

Zoho says that the seamless integration between Zoho and SharePoint will help businesses who want the best of both worlds: the ability to collaborate on documents on the web while still keeping data behind the firewall. If you have SharePoint installed in your intranet behind your corporate firewall, your documents in Zoho are saved back to your SharePoint server behind your corporate firewall leaving no data on Zoho Servers.

As we’ve written in the past, Zoho is an innovative document management tool, and includes easy access thanks to support for mobile, Google and Yahoo IDs and group sharing across different app features. Zoho knows that it is going to have to fight an uphill battle to keep users from flocking to the web-based applications offered by companies with a vast reach (Google, Adobe, etc.) which is why these sort of integrations are helpful to the software’s success as an application suite.

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