Qik finally makes it to the App Store, live streaming not included


I want live streaming video recording apps on the iPhone. You want live streaming video recording apps on the iPhone. Everyone wants live streaming video recording apps on the iPhone – except for Apple. Though such applications have been available through unofficial means for over a year now, Apple remains mum on the matter. There they sit in Apple’s review queue, rotting away beneath an “In Review” label.

Looking to find some way onto the platform, developers have begun to scale back their applications until they reach a point Apple is willing to greenlight. We saw it earlier this month with Ustream’s streamless app, and now Qik has followed suit. Beginning today, Qik’s own sans-streaming app is available for the iPhone 3GS.

Like the Ustream app, Qik’s new tool is primarily for pre-recorded video already camped out in your Camera Roll. You can also record video on the spot, but uploading does not begin until the recording is complete.

Though not a completely cutting-edge concept, Qik does claim a couple of firsts:

  • Auto Uploading: If you record within the app, videos are uploaded immediately after shooting is complete.
  • Record video in either portrait or landscape mode.
  • Geotagged video uploads, based on your position at the time of upload
  • Auto uploads to Facebook, Youtube, and various blog services.

It’s not the jailbreak-free streaming solution we’re dying for, but it’s the best we’ll get until Apple gets friendly with the concept.