• Skype Kills Its Standalone Video Messaging App Qik

    Skype Kills Its Standalone Video Messaging App Qik

    Skype Qik, Microsoft’s attempt at spinning off video messaging into a simplified mobile application, is shutting down. The app was first introduced in fall 2014 to serve a different audience than the larger, more fully-featured, Skype application. Instead of offering real-time chat, screen sharing and audio and video calling, Qik was designed only for asynchronous video messaging. The… Read More

  • The Live Stream Goes Mainstream

    The Live Stream Goes Mainstream

    In early 2011, Skype bought a mobile video startup called Qik, which had developed an app that let mobile users record and stream videos in real-time which others could be alerted to and then view. If that description sounds similar to the newly hot live-streaming apps Meerkat and Periscope, it’s because the overall concept introduced then is not all that far off from what’s… Read More

  • Skype Launches A New Video Messaging App For The Mobile-First Era, Skype Qik

    Skype Launches A New Video Messaging App For The Mobile-First Era, Skype Qik

    If Skype was invented today, what would it look like? This morning, a small team within Skype is attempting to answer that question with the launch of a new video messaging application called Skype Qik, which reimagines how the Skype experience would work if Skype had been built for mobile first. Instead of focusing on live video calls and instant messaging-like chats, Skype Qik is… Read More

  • Qik Founder’s Story: Taking Mobile Video Out Of The Garage And Putting It Into The Hands Of Skype

    Qik Founder’s Story: Taking Mobile Video Out Of The Garage And Putting It Into The Hands Of Skype

    Editor’s note: Bernard Moon is co-founder and CEO of Vidquik, a new web conferencing and sales solutions platform, and co-founder of SparkLabs, a recently launched startup accelerator in Seoul, Korea. Qik co-founder Ramu Sunkara discusses the company’s voyage from its founding in 2006 in his garage to being acquired by Skype in January 2011 for $150 million. Read More

  • Syrian Government Blocks Bambuser’s Live Video Of Crisis

    Syrian Government Blocks Bambuser’s Live Video Of Crisis

    Bambuser, a live mobile video streaming startup along the lines of Qik, has become something of an underground hit in the last couple of years because of its ability to stream video over poor mobile connections. That’s made it a favourite of emerging markets, in part because it supports over 200 different mobile devices, from cheap Nokias to the latest iPhone. During the Arab Spring… Read More

  • Android Users Finally Get Full Qik Premium Experience

    Android Users Finally Get Full Qik Premium Experience

    Android-toting Qik fans will have reason to smile today: the Skype-owned company has announced that their Premium service for Android devices has finally been fleshed out with new functionality and services for the discerning mobile videophile. Read More

  • Qik's Android App Gets Updated With Live Video Chat, Social Feeds And More

    Mobile video startup Qik, which was acquired by Skype earlier this year, has previously only offered a fully functional live streaming and chat app on Android via pre-loaded devices. Qik offered a simpler version of its mobile video service in the Android Market which allowed users to record video but this app lacked any chatting capabilities. Now, Qik is bringing the full featured Qik app to… Read More

  • Confirmed: Skype Buys Mobile Video Startup Qik

    It looks like Skype has just picked up mobile video startup Qik. According to a release, Skype has entered an agreement to buy the startup. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed but sources tell Business Insider that deal was around $150 million. We’ve embedded the release below. At last count, Qik, which enables mobile phones users to record and stream videos in realtime, has… Read More

  • Live Video Sharing Company Qik Quietly Raises $6.3 Million

    Qik, which enables mobile phones users to record and stream videos in realtime, has secured a little over $6.3 million in funding, an SEC filing reveals. We’ve asked Qik for more details on the financing, but are still awaiting a response. Investors listed in the filing are (previous backer) Quest Venture Partners and Russian investment firm Almaz Capital Partners. Read More

  • Mobile Video Streaming Service Qik Has 3.5M Users, Projects 75M Installs In Next Year

    We’ve been tracking the progress of Qik, a service that lets you broadcast movies from your mobile phone directly to the web, for years now. But until now we haven’t been able to get an especially accurate grasp of just how well the service has been doing. Today, that’s changing: Qik is releasing some user stats, for what cofounder Bhaskar Roy says is the first time. Roy… Read More

  • Justin.tv Finally Broadcasts Live From Your Android Phone

    Justin.tv Finally Broadcasts Live From Your Android Phone

    When you think about broadcasting live video over the Internet, being tethered to your computer isn’t so much fun. Broadcasting live from your mobile phone, now that starts to get interesting. Today, Justin.tv is joining the mobile party with an Android app for broadcasting live video (which will be available later today). A similar iPhone app is also in the works (it’s… Read More

  • Qik Indeed. Service Comes Built-In To The Sexy HTC EVO 4G Android Phone

    A couple of years ago, it seems all anyone wanted was access to Qik, the mobile live-stream video service. At the time, Nokia’s N95 was one of the hot devices you needed to run it. Since then, while the service has been growing, it has lost some of its luster — perhaps because it couldn’t run on one of the hottest mobile devices out there, the iPhone, until very recently. But… Read More

  • Better Late Than Never. Justin.tv Comes To The iPhone.

    Watching live video on your iPhone is nothing new, but it is becoming increasingly easier to do. More than a year after Ustream launched its live video viewing iPhone app, and followed up with a video publishing app, along with Qik and Kyte, Justin.tv is entering the mobile game with its first iPhone app (which should be available shortly in the iTunes store). Justin.tv CEO Michael Seibel… Read More

  • TwitCasting lets you stream live video and tweet simultaneously from your iPhone

    Late last year, Ustream and qik launched iPhone applications that let you stream videos from the iPhone to the web and allow others to watch them as they’re being recorded. And now there is an iPhone app called TwitCasting Live (iTunes link), which offers the same basic functionality, but is – as the name suggests – much deeper integrated into Twitter. The free app is… Read More

  • Qik Wins Significant UK Distribution Via Vodafone

    Mobile streaming video startup Qik has landed a significant distribution deal in the UK. Vodafone UK customers will now be able to record and share videos from their mobile phone via Qik by texting ‘Qik’ to 97886 (free) to receive a link to the relevant app for their handset (standard data charges apply). Vodafone is the number two mobile network in the UK, behind O2 and ahead… Read More

  • Qik rival Bambuser partners with Finnish public broadcaster

    [Sweden] Bambuser, the Stockholm-based videocasting service that rivals the likes of Silicon Valley’s Qik, has announced a partnership with Finland’s YLE. The public service broadcaster represents Bambuser’s first major customer in 2010 and the company is hoping it will lead to other major media companies adopting its platform. YLE, which has never been shy of experimenting… Read More

  • Qik's VideoCamera For Older iPhones Doubles Recording Speed, Adds Real-Time Effects

    Last month, we saw the launch of Qik VideoCamera, an iPhone app that brings local video recording to both the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G (neither of which support video recording out of the box). The app’s release was significant given Apple’s longstanding ban on video recording applications, but it left something to be desired. For one, it recorded at a mere 7 frames… Read More

  • Qik Releases Local Video Recording For Older iPhones (They Already Can Do It Live)

    Two weeks ago, Apple opened the floodgates for video recording apps on the iPhone, ending a longstanding ban. Nobody was waiting longer for the change than mobile video startup Qik, which tonight is further building out its collection of iPhone apps with the launch of the Qik VideoCamera. The new app allows the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G to locally capture video — something… Read More

  • Qik Live Recording Finally Makes It To The iPhone (Legally)

    The live video streaming application Qik has just been approved in the App Store and should be available shortly, we’ve learned. The company submitted the app a couple weeks ago following the approval of Ustream’s live streaming application, and as expected, Apple also had no problem with it now. This marks a change from Apple, which previously was blocking all apps that did live… Read More

  • Bambuser's Video Streaming iPhone App Hits The App Store, Qik Still MIA

    Bambuser, a mobile streaming startup in the same space as Qik and Ustream, has announced that their live streaming iPhone application has been approved by Apple. The news comes only a few days after Ustream’s live video streaming app was approved, ending a 18 month long drought of broadcasting apps on the App Store. The Bambuser application lets anyone use their iPhone to broadcast… Read More

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