DIY home surveillance

It’s like the Internet knows what I’m looking for! Josh Lowensohn at CNET just ran through a few webcam-based surveillance systems. I just bought the Linksys WVC54GCA so I can watch the front door for the FedEx man while I’m in the attic and lo and behold Josh has gone and apprised a few of the better models out there. This, in turn, helps me in my quest to be completely obese and immobile inside my house while watching the exterior on cameras arrayed around the perimeter.

Josh tried a few software solutions and some webware like Ugolog. He also tried the D-Link DCS-5220 and the WowWee Rovio. I just hope I made the right choice with the Linksys because it looks like the tilt and pan variety might be better. I didn’t think I needed it since I’m only looking for men in blue and brown uniforms but what if I want to zoom in on passers-by? What then?

What do you guys use to patrol your domiciles? Augmented dogs? Half-human cyborgs?