• Insecam Displays Unsecured Webcams From Around The World

    Insecam Displays Unsecured Webcams From Around The World

    An odd site called Insecam purports to display 73,000 unsecured webcams from around the world, most of them CCTV and simple IP cameras. All of the cameras have two things in common – they’re streaming on publicly accessible network ports and they are still using the default passwords, thereby allowing anyone with a web-crawling robot and the wherewithal to type admin/admin to… Read More

  • Logitech's Portable C615 HD Webcam Is A Strange-Looking Beast

    Pretty much every webcam is going to be HD from here on out, but the ones we’ve seen have generally been a bit bulky. Logitech has decided to make their new one more portable, but in the process seem to have created something that shares DNA with one of those freaky robotic snakes. Read More

  • Cisco Drops Price Of ūmi Video Chat Service, Offers New 720p Version

    ūmi, the high-powered and ridiculously expensive video chatting service from Cisco, is getting a bit of a price drop. We were initially impressed with the quality at the announcement, but the $600 price tag was too high, to say nothing of the ridiculous $25/month plan that used a connection you were already paying for. Well, either Cisco wildly overestimated the price people would pay for… Read More

  • Review: Microsoft Lifecam Studio 1080p Webcam

    Short version: It’s pricey and rather bulky, but it’s definitely an improvement over the other HD webcams out there, and a huge improvement over piece of junk embedded in your bezel. Read More

  • Samsung's new webcam sensors are "high performance, high definition" – kind of

    When the first 720p webcams came out, I was pretty skeptical. And I still am, considering that their image quality isn’t very good. I mean, you may as well stick with 640×480; at least it’ll be clear. 1280×720 pixels is a lot to ask from a sensor the size of a ladybug. And those cheap little lenses simply can’t resolve the detail necessary to justify such a… Read More

  • New HD webcams from Microsoft

    Attention citizens! Your benevolent overlords have released three new entries in the LifeCam series. Now all of your long-distance correspondences can be in glorious 720p. Unfortunately, none of them are nearly as cool as the camera on the left. Read More

  • Hold your Bad Idea Jeans up with this Playboy spy camera belt

    Free dating tip: If the girl you’re talking to isn’t impressed by your Playboy belt, make sure to mention that it’s got a built-in spy camera capable of recording DVD-resolution video footage. If that doesn’t work, then clearly she’ll never be impressed by anything. Time to move on. Read More

  • Comparing Microsoft's 720p LifeCam Cinema to an iSight

    I’ve just hooked up the LifeCam Cinema to my desktop, and thought an SD comparison was in order. In a stroke of genius, I attached the LifeCam to the top of my Mac so it and my iSight were pretty much aligned — though not so much that it’s seamless. I did a little video so you can compare color, fidelity, and all that. Read More

  • Microsoft's 720p webcam has company

    Microsoft was proud to announce their LifeCam HD last week, the first webcam to support 720p. But its reign (while pleasant) didn’t last for long: Hercules has released the Dualpix HD720p, which they are claiming is the first webcam to support 720p. Guys, in order to be first, you have to come out with the product before anyone else. Still, it’s only a week later and it looks… Read More

  • Microsoft's LifeCam HD lets you video chat at 1280×720

    I know I give tiny cameras a lot of guff, but merely small ones are getting pretty damn good. It’s wrong to hold the iPhone camera to the same standards as something with a lens and sensor four times larger, but this new webcam from Microsoft seems to know its limitations. They probably could have pushed it to 1080p if they wanted, and people would have freaked out, but man that would… Read More

  • DIY home surveillance

    It’s like the Internet knows what I’m looking for! Josh Lowensohn at CNET just ran through a few webcam-based surveillance systems. I just bought the Linksys WVC54GCA so I can watch the front door for the FedEx man while I’m in the attic and lo and behold Josh has gone and apprised a few of the better models out there. This, in turn, helps me in my quest to be completely… Read More

  • Web cam tilts, swivels, has 2GB of storage

    Good for those hard-to-reach places, this USB web cam rotates 360 degrees and can be angled up to 180 degrees. It’s also got 2GB of built-in storage for good measure. Read More

  • Novo Minoru, the world's first and last red/blue 3D webcam

    Remember those awful movies where a 3D effect was effected by having two images, one red and one blue or green, and then you wore those dorky glasses to see the magic? Sure, nostalgia’s great, but let’s be honest, they were also terrible and made your brain hurt. Now you can have that special kind of headache in your very own home with this interesting but doomed device. Read More

  • New Samsung webcam sensor does 720p and more

    Seeing that PC users on desktop and laptop are embracing both HD video and built-in webcams, Samsung has decided to put the two together in the obvious form of a HD webcam. Until now, webcams have been pretty much limited to VGA (640×480) resolution, which is fine if you’re playing Wolfenstein 3D, but it is the year 2008, we have flying cars and spinning skyscrapers, why not a… Read More

  • Review: Microsoft Lifecam Show webcam

    You’ll like it if you’re looking for a high-quality webcam with decent software, autofocus, and good low-light performance. But not if you’re a Mac user or you can’t justify spending $100 on a webcam for simple stuff like videoconferencing and short, quick videos. Full review (with video) after the jump… Read More

  • Sure, why not? Ethical, fair trade USB devices

    A company in Belgium called United Pepper is behind a line of USB devices that are assembled in a fair trade-certified factory in Vietnam. The devices include a USB webcam called Lili (seen above) and a USB hub called Oscar (seen here). On top of being made in a factory with fair wages and working conditions, the devices themselves are made from environmentally-friendly materials and packaged… Read More

  • Review: IPEVO POV webcam

    When it comes to buying a webcam, there seems to be two distinct product groupings. On the one end, you have inexpensive cameras that sell for between $20 and $50. These cameras often feature relatively low resolutions like 320×240 or 640×480 and are relatively simple to operate — you stick the camera on top of your monitor, fire up AIM, Windows Live Messenger, or Skype and… Read More

  • Liquid lenses coming to webcams near you

    For the “extremely small camera” sector, this could be a real boon. These liquid lenses are fixed in place within the camera, manipulated using electricity, and — well, I’ll let Varioptic explain it: It works much like the human eye, using electricity to alter the shape of two drops of liquid, to bend light, alter focus, and produce a miniature, yet powerful… Read More

  • Microsoft's LifeCam VX-5000: Fun webcams for people who like that sort of thing, like perverts and telemedicine purveyors

    The VX-5000 webcams are VGA-quality cameras that sit quietly on top of your monitor and include a Windows Live Call Button for bringing up your Windows Live contacts. Best of all, One-Touch Blogging lets you blog a blog to Windows Live Spaces blogs using the one-touch blogging for bloggers who blog software. It should cost $49.95 but and will be available in June. It’s quite small, so… Read More

  • Hackers detonate fake nuke on live news; Czech Republic is so not amused

    Hackers are an annoyance usually, but sometimes they pull a funny or tricky prank, and then I must stand up and politely applaud. Sadly, they sometimes get caught. Such is the case of six ill-fated hacker types from the Czech Republic, who managed to sneak this fake nuclear blast into a news channel’s weather webcam. That is awesome. It’s a harmless prank, to be sure, but the group… Read More