Hummingbot UAV hovering in slow motion

I’m concerned that before long, every critter out there will be replaced by a biomimetic robot surrogate. With BigDog, LittleDog, mechafish, swifferbot, and the robo-ant already on the march, it won’t be long before the pleasant tweet and buzz of nature is replaced by the noise of servos and tiny guns.

The latest fiend to come out of DARPA human-extinction research money is this Nano Air Vehicle, which flies like a hummingbird, at least for the few seconds it’s managing to stay up at this stage of research.

The idea, of course, is to create something like the hunter-seeker from Dune, floating silently in through the air vent and executing you while you sleep. Do not fear… fear is the mind-killer…


[via Wired Danger Room]