TechCrunch Minute: New Atlas robot stuns experts in first reveal from Boston Dynamics

This week Boston Dynamics retired its well-known Atlas robot that was powered by hydraulics. Then today it unveiled its new Atlas robot, which is powered by electricity. The change might not seem like

NASA’s robotic, self-assembling structures could be the next phase of space construction

Bad news if you want to move to the moon or Mars: housing is a little hard to come by. Fortunately, NASA (as always) is thinking ahead, and has just shown off a self-assembling robotic structure that

BotBuilt wants to lower the cost of homebuilding with robots

Homes aren’t getting cheaper — or necessarily easier to secure. This year, the median household income for home buyers jumped to $107,000 from $88,000 last year, according to the National

Thread, which develops a platform to autonomously inspect utility assets, raises $15M

Thread (not to be confused with Threads), a startup developing a robotics platform to collect inspection data for utilities, today announced that it raised $15 million in a Series A funding round led

This week in robotics: Chinese startups net a series of fundraising successes

Before we dive into this week’s biggest news within the robotics space, there’s an announcement of our own to highlight. We’ll be hosting a number of robotics industry experts at our very fi

Kitchen robot Botinkit raises $13M from DJI angel and others

Having worked in the food industry for several years, Shirley Chen saw firsthand the challenges of managing staffing and training for restaurant expansion. So when she met her future co-founders, she

Neura Robotics picks up $55M to ramp up in cognitive robotics

Neura Robotics, a German startup that since 2019 has been building cognitive robots — machines that possess memory, the ability to operate across a complex and changing mix of variables, and can

Rice Robotics picks up $7M, powers SoftBank’s office delivery

In the crowded enterprise robotics space, the ability to secure key clients is a crucial differentiator for companies. In the case of Hong Kong–based Rice Robotics, the important order has come from

The $2,899 EcoFlow Blade robotic mower disappoints with shoddy hardware and software

When the EcoFlow Blade works, the results are fantastic. My yard looks great, and I didn’t have to spend an hour on a tractor. The Blade is quiet and capable. It’s also cheaply built, suff

San Francisco rethinks policy on police using killer robots

San Francisco has hit pause on a policy that would allow police officers to use “killer robots” in certain situations that pose a threat to human life. The controversial plans were initial

Avidbots, maker of autonomous industrial cleaning robots, nabs $70M

Avidbots, a Canadian robotics manufacturer that develops autonomous cleaning robots, has raised $70 million in a Series C round of funding. Founded out of Kitchener, Ontario, in 2014, Avidbots has bui

These autonomous, wireless robots could dance on a human hair

The competition to create ever smaller, ever better robots is a fierce one, and Cornell University is out front now with a set of bots small enough to sit on a human hair but that can move on their ow

Mobot secures capital to grow its fleet of robots that bug-test mobile apps

Mobile apps have to be bug-tested across countless devices to ensure they work as intended. Users don’t look kindly on poor experiences — 88% say they’ll abandon apps based on minor

Look what’s happening tomorrow at TC Sessions: Robotics

Who’s ready for robots? Tomorrow, July 21, is the big day when the global community of people who live, breathe and build robots gather to talk about the latest developments in the field and get a l

Five reasons to attend TC Sessions: Robotics this Thursday

We’re just a few days away from kicking off TC Sessions: Robotics on July 21. This online event will draw roboticists from around the world, and it’s your opportunity to learn from and connect wit

When will India make up its mind about crypto?

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. Alex and Grace are back to cover the biggest and most intere

Ford is now using robots to operate 3D printers without human help

Ford’s Advanced Manufacturing Center has developed an interface that allows machines from different suppliers to speak to each other in the same language and operate parts of the production line aut

Yukai Engineering’s cute stuffed animal robot will nibble on your finger

Yukai Engineering, the maker of the Qoobo robotic cat tail pillow, has revealed a soft robot that nibbles on a user’s fingertip. They hopes the "somewhat pleasing sensation" will brighten your day.

Robots and AI assist in designing and building Swiss university’s ‘hanging gardens’

Architecture and construction have always been, rather quietly, at the bleeding edge of tech and materials trends. It’s no surprise, then, especially at a renowned technical university like ETH

Machina Labs emerges from stealth with $16M raised for on-demand manufacturing robotics

Machina Labs today announced a $14 million Series A for its robotics and AI-based manufacturing. The round, led by Innovation Endeavors and featuring Congruent Ventures and Embark Ventures, brings the
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