Facebook Grader For The Sad, Sad People Out There

Hubspot’s Facebook Grader will tell you your “reach and authority” on Facebook. My score is 90/100.

The tool works by analyzing the number of friends you have, how important those friends are (whatever that means), how complete your profile is, how many wall posts you have and how many groups you belong to. It turns out I haven’t filled out much of my profile and there are some other things I’ve neglected to attend to, so I only get an A-.

I can live with that, but there are others out there who seem to take issue with how the site ranks people. French entrepreneur Loic Le Meur is “outraged” that it doesn’t take into account that he has a fan page, for example (I find fan pages obnoxious myself), and gave him a score of only 97.6. C’est la vie.

To sum up my opinion of this tool, it’s beyond useless. Not that I ever planned to, but the last thing I’ll ever do now is fill in more of my profile or join more groups. Maybe I can get that 90 down to 0.

The company has a similar tool for Twitter.