HubSpot adds customer service tools to its marketing platform

HubSpot is expanding beyond sales and marketing with the official launch of its Service Hub for managing customer service. The product was first announced last fall, but now it’s moved out of b

AdStage raises another $3M as it shifts focus to data

AdStage is announcing that it’s raised $3 million in new funding. That might not sound like much for a startup that raised a $6.25 million Series A back in 2014, but CEO Sahil Jain told me via e

HubSpot acquires chatbot builder Motion AI

HubSpot announced this morning that it has acquired chatbot startup Motion AI. Motion AI launched in 2015 and offers an editor for building chatbots that work on websites, Facebook Messenger, SMS and

HubSpot acquires Kemvi to bring more AI into its sales and marketing platform

HubSpot is announcing that it has acquired Kemvi, a startup applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to help sales teams. A few months ago, Kemvi launched DeepGraph, a product that analy

Experiences generate clicks, not ads

Ads don’t work so well anymore. To begin with, there are just too many of them. In a time when consumers are inundated with ads from every corner of their screens (and lives), brands and startups ar

Want to compete with Salesforce? Buy Marketo

There are several enterprise players that want a share of Salesforce’s business, but just aren’t making headway by knuckling up against the company’s dominant, entrenched SaaS CRM offerings. Rat

HubSpot Takes Its CRM Tool Out Of Beta

HubSpot, a company best known for its marketing tools, took its CRM product out of beta today. According to the firm, some 60,000 companies used the tool during its beta period. The product is free, b

Consider Pitching A “Virtual Startup” To Your Boss

Over the years I’ve been part of several of startups, and I love the energy, excitement and sense of risk that comes with launching into uncharted waters. My last startup was acquired in 2007, and I

Are Newly Formed Roles In VC Firms Differentiators, Table Stakes Or Total BS?

In the venture capital world, we're about to experience an explosion of hiring around one very specific function. These people won’t invest in startups, nor will they analyze companies. They won’t

HubSpot Beats On Q4 Revenue, Reports Narrower Than Expected Loss

HubSpot reported its fourth quarter financial performance today after the bell, losing $7.1million (non-GAAP) on revenue of $34.2 million. The company had previously guided the market to anticipate be

Wayfair and HubSpot IPOs Could Be Just The Beginning For Boston Startup Scene

While Silicon Valley firms hold back on their IPOs and there’s hand-wringing over burn rates, two Boston-based startups had highly successful IPOs less than a week apart. Just over a week ago,

HubSpot Spikes 20% Over Its IPO Price In Strong Debut

HubSpot is having a hell of day. After raising its IPO price range, the company pulled the trigger above that level, selling its shares for $25 each. That's a far cry from the original low-end of its

With Money Tight, HubSpot Looks To Tap Public Markets

With $7.3 million in cash on hand, and losses of $17.77 million in the first half of 2014, HubSpot has filed to go public. HubSpot's slim cash load and expanding losses -- the firm had a deficit at

HubSpot Acquires Notification Aggregator Chime And Calendar App PrepWork

Marketing software company <a target="_blank" href="">HubSpot</a> is announcing that it has acquired two small startups — <a target="_blank" href="">Chim

Eyeing An IPO, Marketing Software Giant HubSpot Raises $35M For International Growth, M&A And More

All-in-one inbound marketing software firm HubSpot has raised $35 million in a mezzanine financing round from a large, unnamed institutional investor, Altimeter Capital, Cross Creek Capital, and previ

GroSocial Nabs $1M From HubSpot Execs & More To Become The “Buddy Media For SMBs”

<a href="">Back in October, GroSocial raised</a> $450K in se

To Meme, Or Not to Meme, That Is The (Startup) Question

Smart B2B companies have long known that winning big was predicated on redefining the rules of competition to your advantage over incumbent vendors. A more difficult question is whether you want to ow

Eyeing An IPO, HubSpot Adds Akamai’s CFO And Former IBM Exec JD Sherman As COO

Marketing software company <a href="">HubSpot</a> has brought on a new leader today—Akamai CFO <a href="">JD Sherman</a>. Sh

HubSpot Acquires Marketing Software Startup Performable

<img src="" class="shot2"><a href="">HubSpot,</a> which <a href="

HubSpot Heating Up, Sequoia And Google Ventures Looking To Invest

<img src='' class="snap_nopreview shot" alt="" />Digital marketing startup <a href="">HubSpot</a
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