Sun Microsystems Acquires Q-layer To Expand Cloud Computing Offerings

Sun Microsystems is elevating its presence in the cloud with the acquisition of Belgium-based Q-layer, which is in the business of automation of cloud computing deployments. Q-layer will become part of Sun’s cloud computing unit.

The official statement doesn’t provide much more details, and the terms of the agreement remain undisclosed ‘as the transaction is not material to Sun’.

Q-layer’s technology simplifies and automates the deployment and management of both public and private clouds and allows users to quickly provision and deploy applications, a key component in Sun’s refocused strategy, according to the company.

Q-layer was founded in 2005, has about 35 employees and bills itself as the first company to introduce full data center virtualization by integrating server, network and storage virtualization. The company raised a total of €8.3 million in two rounds, which currently converts to about $11.3 million.


(Full disclosure: one of the co-founders of Q-layer, Niko Nelissen, is also one of the two founders of internet startup Oxynade, of which I’m also a partner).