No, shooting the eclipse will not break your iPhone

We've reached peak eclipse. It's coming in just a few hours and is all anyone is talking about (online and IRL). But there's one thing we've been hearing a lot of -- which is that taking a photograph

After five years, Juno arrives in orbit around Jupiter

After traveling five years through the solar system, Juno has finally reached its destination and is currently in orbit around Jupiter, traveling nearly 250,000 kilometers per hour (150,000 mph).

NASA captures enormous aurora on the largest planet in the solar system

Days before the Juno spacecraft is scheduled to arrive, astronomers have captured an enormous aurora at the north pole of Jupiter. The imagery, released this week, was taken back on May 19 using NAS

Astronomers Find Evidence Of A Ninth Planet

Two astronomers at Caltech have found evidence that indicates the presence of a ninth planet in our solar system. If confirmed, it would transform the model of our solar system as we know it. While

SolarCity Creates A 22% Module-Level Efficient Solar Panel

Solar panels promise a lot – a cleaner, cheaper, renewable energy source, harnessed from the abundant rays of the sun. But the technology created to pull in that sun power can only go so far per

Dumb Employers, Lucky Startups And An Untapped Reservoir

A group of women is re-entering the workforce today and reshaping how products are made across key tech sectors like health & wellness, commerce and social products. Not only do they have the expe

This Is Our Sun

<img src="">Fun fact: This is the first complete image of our life-giving friend in the sky. Like, first ever <em>in the history of m

Google Files Motion To Dismiss Oracle's Suit Against Android

<img class="shot2" src="" alt="" />Last month, Oracle <a href="">dec

IBM Fingers Web Apps As Culprit Behind 36 Percent Rise In Enterprise Security Threats

<img src="" alt="" /> IBM put out a new report (embedded below) on security threats to enterprise computer networks today from its<

Solar Impulse flight a great success, flies for 26 straight hours powered only by the Sun

<img src="" />Yes! The Solar Impulse's flight that I mentioned <a HREF="

Is the Sun about to destroy every single piece of electronics you own?

<img src="" />We, and by "we" I mean all life on Planet Earth, owe our very existence to the Sun. It's nothing more than a typical star,

Here Goes the Sun

Jonathan Schwartz deserves better. Sure, he’s got a rich payout from his years at Sun. Sure, he’s leaving because Ellison doesn’t need anybody explaining why the cloud is a good thin

Oracle receives green light from the EU to acquire Sun Microsystems

<img src="" width="215" height="159" />It's official: the European Commission has granted regulatory approval for <a hre

EU Approves $7.4 Billion Deal Between Oracle And Sun

<img src="" width="215" height="159" />It's official: the European Commission has <a href="

Sun Microsystems Kills Social Programming Project Zembly

<img src="" width="185" height="55" />Sun Microsystems sure had some very nice things to say about the <a href="">zemb

Sun To Lay Off 3,000 More Employees Amid Acquisition Delays

<img src="" width="215" height="96" />Earlier today Sun Microsystems <a href="">announc

Former MySQL CEO Marten Mickos Joins Benchmark As Entrepreneur In Residence

<img src="" width="142" height="200" /><a href="">Mårten Gustaf Mickos</a>, former CEO

Free Ticket Giveaway To See Larry Ellison Speak At The Churchill Club

<img src="" class="shot2"> Oracle CEO and Founder <a href="">Larry Ellison</a> is making

Oracle To Sun Customers (And IBM): "We're In It To Win It"

<img src="" width="137" height="200" />Gotta love this advertisement from <a href="">Oracle</a>, directed at current

The Third Front

Scott McNealy’s reappearance at JavaOne for the first time in the years since he handed control to Jonathan Schwartz had the feeling of a swan song. But there was also a steely purpose to his ga
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