Verizon Wireless to implement $0.03 charge for certain text messages


Either Verizon Wireless is hurting for money or there’s a guy there who’s job it is to aggravate the blogosphere. Get this: the company is set to charge a $0.03 (three cents) levy per text message sent to its customers. Now, this only affects companies and services—iPhone users won’t be asked to cough up the $0.03 when they text their VZW buddies, for example.

Think of it like this: every time ESPN sends you a sports score update VZW will charge it $0.03. How many of these text messages does ESPN send per day? Exactly. This little levy adds up real fast.

Politicians looking to use text messages to their advantage, like Obama did to announce his veep pick, would also be affected.

VZW says it needs to implement the extra charge in order to cover the costs of doing business. Keep in mind that companies are now being questioned about the sudden rise in the cost of sending text messages.