Motorola Q11 caught on camera

After the Q9, where was Motorola to go with the model numbers? Q10, you say? Heck no. Sequential numbering is for jerks. This new Motorola handset will be dubbed the Q11. Number skipping. That’s innovation right there, folks.

All of squat is known about it so far, besides that it runs WinMo 6.1 and packs Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM, GPS, and a 3 Megapixel camera (up from 2 on the Q9)

Aesthetically, it seems like a step down from the Q9, and the improved specs (WiFi, one megapixel on the camera) don’t really make up for it. That new d-pad and the buttons surrounding it just make the whole thing look pretty bargain bin. What do you think, Q9 owners – would you make the trade?

Two more shots after the jump.

[Via MobilityToday via WMExperts]