Gilded Age: Montegiro's Lusso 'luxurious' turntable


Believe it or not, that’s a turntable up there. Designed by German outfit Montegiro, Lusso, as it’s known, is marketed more like a European sports car than a pice of DJ equipment. “Luxury is…. having time for the essential things of life.” “Luxury is… to allow oneself extravagances.” “Luxury is… to expect just more.” And finally, “Luxury is… lusso.” Well I’ll be damned, Lusso is lusso!”

Spectacular and extravagant [!], in a breathtaking, unheard-of design, the lusso is built upon alternate layers of aluminium and black acrylic, including the topsy-turvy cone for the aluminium platter fitted with an acrylic platter!

Such luxury—remember, it’s merely a turntable—will set you back a cool €30,000, or about $47,000.

via audiojunkies