gilded age

Gilded Age: This special edition Prince iPod costs $2,100

<img src="" />This is a special edition iPod that makes the old U2 one look very terrible indeed. It's part of something called

Gilded (read: stupid) Age: Diamond-encrusted Nokia 8800

<img src="" /> Would you buy a Nokia 8800? No? Okay, but would you buy a Nokia 8800 that's <a HREF="

Money burning a hole in your pocket? How about a $30,000 Vertu cellphone (with 3G!)

Ah, Russia. Home to a well-olied kleptocracy, Andrei Arshavin and, apparently, incredibly wealthy people who don’t know what to do with their money. (See: Roman Abramovich et al.) As such, we re

Gilded Age: $5,000 Belgian headphones sound ‘crystal clear’

Wow, a pair of £3,500 ($5,150) headphones. All of a sudden, headphones from the likes of Ultimate Ears and Shure don’t seem expensive at all. What makes this pair so expensive? It’s made

Gilded Age: Stockinger, Bentley team up, create a safe specifically for watches

I’m gonna hazard a guess here and say that if you’re *so* into watches that you need a specific safe for them, you’re probably in a different tax bracket than all of us here. That is

Gilded Age: Montegiro's Lusso 'luxurious' turntable

Believe it or not, that’s a turntable up there. Designed by German outfit Montegiro, Lusso, as it’s known, is marketed more like a European sports car than a pice of DJ equipment. “L