Fancy founder returns with $1,000-per-month luxury shopping startup, Long Story Short

A new luxury goods e-commerce startup dubbed Long Story Short has a provocative concept: it’s $1,000 per month to join for the privilege of shopping its curated collection. Shocking as that soun

Kim Kardashian becomes a private equity dealmaker in collab with ex-Carlyle partner

America’s favorite reality star is leveling up her repertoire and levering up businesses. Kim Kardashian, who passed the “baby bar” exam in preparation to become a lawyer last year,

Luxus wants the crown jewel of your portfolio to be an actual diamond

A much-anticipated market downturn may finally be here, and investors have been preparing for it by diversifying their portfolios away from the traditional stock and bond holdings, and into alternativ

Real estate marketing software provider Luxury Presence raises $25.9M in a Bessemer-led Series B

Luxury Presence, a startup selling marketing software to real estate brokerages, announced today it has raised $25.9 million for its Series B round. Bessemer Venture Partners led the round alongside f

Livestream video shopping app NTWRK raises $50M from Goldman Sachs, Kering

NTWRK, a video shopping app that has helped to popularize the idea of livestreamed commerce in the U.S., announced today it has closed on $50 million in new funding led by Goldman Sachs Asset Manageme

Luxury handbag marketplace Rebag raises $25M to expand to 30 more stores

Rebag, an online resale marketplace for luxury handbags, is getting another infusion of capital as it prepares to expand its offline retail operations. The company this week announced $25 million in S

Crunch Report | Fastest Drone Ever World Record Set

The world record for the fastest drone is set, an artificial heart is 3D printed and luxury phone maker Vertu shuts down. All this on Crunch Report.

Armarium lets you borrow luxury fashion from your smartphone

A number of startups want to make wearing the latest – and in some cases, luxury – fashion more affordable, including Rent the Runway, Le Tote, Gwynniebee, The Ms. Collection, and others.

Luxury Consignment Site Shop-Hers Makes Its Mobile Debut

Online consignment shops operate in a crowded market these days with a range of stores offering everything from eBay-like, peer-to-peer sales of clothes bought at The Gap and Target to high-end store

Luxury Consignment Reseller Snobswap Grabs $700K To Bring Brick-And-Mortar Shops Online

<a target="_blank" href="">Snobswap</a>, the D.C.-based online shopping resale site with a funny but memorable name, is one of many new entrants in a growing market focused o

The RealReal’s Latest App RealBook Will Tell You What Your Designer Goods Are Actually Worth

Luxury consignment marketplace The RealReal is expanding its mobile footprint today with the launch of a new app called RealBook, which lets both potential buyers and sellers better understand the val

It’s Never Been A Better Time To Create A Luxury Startup

As I’m based in Paris and work in the tech ecosystem, there is a lot of chatter about luxury brands and their future. Paris is still the city of outrageously beautiful goods and clothes from pow

Dymant Crafts And Sells The Most Luxurious Products Online

Publisher of craftsmanship Dymant just opened its doors to fashion enthusiasts and more generally fans of beautiful objects. Each month, the French startup works with luxury craftsmen to design, produ

Hands On With The Toshiba KIRAbook: Can Great Hardware Coupled With An Amazing Display Save Windows PCs?

With PC laptop shipments projected to decline by 7.3% this year, Windows 8 machines desperately need a shot multiple shots of adrenaline. The Toshiba KIRAbook may be just that. The KIRAbook is Toshib

Dealfind Expands Into Luxury Goods With “Dream Deals”

Toronto-based deal provider <a href="">Dealfind</a> is expanding into luxury goods with the launch of a new service called Dream Deals. Starting now, in addition to Dealfind'

Luxury Car-Sharing Service HiGear Launches “Swap Club,” Allows Vehicle Owners To Trade Cars

Luxury car-sharing service <a href="">HiGear</a> is announcing a new product called "Swap Club," which will allow its existing car owners the opportunity to swap cars among each

The iPhone 4 Diamond Spider, for the Nigerian Prince in your life

<img src="" /><a href="">Luxury phones</a>, eh? There's someth

Review: 2011 Hyundai Equus Ultimate

This last week we spent time enjoying the ultimate in Korean luxury that is the Hyundai Equus. We weren’t too impressed with early photos but upon first sight, in person, those impressions were imme

Roland Iten R8 Mk.II Luxury Belt Buckle Hands-On

<img src="">What made Roland's brand famous are his belt buckles. Easily the most complex and interesting belt bu

Parabellum Brings Bison And Kevlar Together For Safety, Luxury And Technology

<img src="" />Let’s say you’re at that point in life where you have too much money. You can only experience the thrill o
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