• The FAA gets a case study with a drone crash inside an MLB stadium

    The FAA gets a case study with a drone crash inside an MLB stadium

    PSA: Flying your drone over a baseball stadium with tens of thousands of fans is a really, really bad (and probably illegal) idea. Yesterday someone flew their drone (which appears to be a GoPro Karma) into Petco Park, the stadium belonging to the San Diego Padres, an MLB team. And yes, it was during a game, so of course the event was captured on camera. Read More

  • Apple Patents ‘Silent Disco’ Tech For Distributed Raves And Shared Private DJ Sets

    Apple Patents ‘Silent Disco’ Tech For Distributed Raves And Shared Private DJ Sets

    The silent disco is a recent trend that sees people using headphones to come together and enjoy a concert quietly while in a shared space, and a new Apple patent appears to want to capitalize on this somewhat off-beat trend to promote a new kind of music sharing. The patent, published today by the USPTO and spotted by AppleInsider, describes a method for a group of users to share tunes and… Read More

  • Pulselocker, A Streaming And Download Service For DJs, Launches To The Web

    Pulselocker, A Streaming And Download Service For DJs, Launches To The Web

    Pulselocker, a music subscription service and storage locker targeting electronic music fans and DJs, has launched its service to the web, following an earlier beta as a native desktop application. The site is an interesting cross between something like Spotify and a cloud service with a desktop component like Dropbox, for instance. Users pay a monthly subscription fee in order to access… Read More

  • Streaming Radio Service 8tracks Relaunches On iPhone: App Rebuilt From Ground-Up With New Look, Better Music Discovery

    Streaming Radio Service 8tracks Relaunches On iPhone: App Rebuilt From Ground-Up With New Look, Better Music Discovery

    Streaming music startup 8tracks is officially relaunching its iPhone application today, which offers a much-needed (and really well done) user interface revamp. For those who remember the earlier version of the app out last year, it will be as if you’re getting a brand-new application altogether. 8tracks 2.0, as the update is being called, introduces a number of new components… Read More

  • Remote DJ’ing App PlayMySong Raises $350K Seed Round

    Remote DJ’ing App PlayMySong Raises $350K Seed Round

    Finnish startup PlayMySong, the crowdsourced music DJ’ing service that lets a store’s customers remotely program the stereo, has just closed a round of seed funding totaling $350,000. The round was led by Lifeline Ventures, a Helsinki-based accelerator focused on funding web and gaming startups and includes participation from Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology… Read More

  • Gemini Introduces FirstMix, A USB DJ Controller For Noobs

    Gemini is known for making some pretty cool DJ equipment and mixers. Today they released FirstMix, a USB DJ controller with two scratch wheels, rotaries and a cross fader. The controller sources music from iTunes or any other music library and plays them in the included Cross LE DJ software. The controller also works with Traktor, Virtual DJ and Algoriddim’s DJAY and other popular DJ… Read More

  • Hercules Mk4 DJ controller announced at Musikmesse

    After a sneak peak at this years NAMM show, Hercules officially announced the release date and price of their new Mk4 controller at the Musikmesse fair in Germany. This slim sized controller is designed to interface with whatever input you can dream up. Read More

  • Pioneer DJM-2000. Turntables are out, touchscreen is in

    DJ gear is unique in audio in that more than any other equipment, it has to be flashy and able to take a pounding. Usually in the form of spilt beer. My main concern with Pioneer’s new DJM-2000 is how the touchscreen will react to the rough-and-tumble world of house music and ecstasy. But it still looks gorgeous. And you can hook in up to 4 CDJ turntables. 4! Unless you spontaneously… Read More

  • The Beat Thang Music Production System.

    Remember when using z’s on the end of plural words instead of s’s was edgy and revolutionary? Well, apparently no one told Beat Kangz Electronics that that time has passed. Misguided syntax choices aside, Beat Kangz has just announced the release of their new Beat Thang music production system. Not only does it look like something the Covenant would use, it comes in either… Read More

  • First DJ iPhone app lets you mix beats without listening to them.

    If we applied Moore’s law to the art of DJing, we would probably get something like Amidio’s Touch DJ app. Gone are the software disk jockeys who replaced the original vinyl selectors. Now you can spin beats on your iPhone or iPod touch without listening to them. Wait, what? Read More

  • Shure announces new "DJ" headphones

    Shure makes many different kinds of headphones, but this may be their first style aimed specifically at the DJ set. The new cans sport special 50mm drivers, and a sound reducing ear cup to cut out the excess noise that can be a problem when mixing in a club. Read More

  • djay version 3: You can play MP3s on a turntable!

    You’re setting up for a party tonight. You’ve got food, girls, more food, and even Mike Chilludos coming! But what about music? No problem, just plug your laptop into some RadioShack computer speakers and hit shuffle, right?! For those of you who don’t want your party to be graced with a spontaneous rendition of “Yakety Sax”, Algoriddim Software has released djay 3. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Tonium Pacemaker portable DJ system for $399 (until 1PM Eastern)

    Amazon’s got a nice deal on the Tonium Pacemaker portable DJ system until 1:00 PM Eastern today. Normally selling for $499, you can get an extra $100 off as one of Amazon’s daily Gold Box deals. Read More

  • Review: Pacemaker DJ gadget

    Everybody wants to be a DJ. Ever since the first iPod, DJ’s have been waiting for the ability to mix from a handheld. Jobs, in all his wisdom, never saw fit to allow tempo changes so that tracks could be seamlessly mixed. There have been a couple of interesting attempts, including two notable mixers from Numark, but nothing as portable as an iPod. Enter the Pacemaker from Tonium. Read More

  • This kre-8 cellphone concept is only for music buffs

    This is one of the better concepts I’ve seen ’round these parts, and I see plenty of them. It’s called the kre-8 (the name could use some work, yes), and it’s a cellphone designed, as it were, for those who fancy themselves as DJs, music creators, etc. Read More

  • Ooh, an updated Pacemaker (the DJ device-thing) on the way this spring

    Wannabe DJs everywhere will have the opportunity to play with an updated Pacemaker this spring. It’s just like being Hernán Cattaneo, only without the fame, fortune and living like a night owl. Read More

  • Numarks DJ computer – you don't need to check emails on a gig.

    Yes, that’s right. If you have to use a computer on a gig you need to consider machines that are made for only one purpose, playing back music. Numark pushes out the HDMIX, this compact DJ system so you can mix Slipknot with Britney anywhere. Read More

  • If you buy a song from Beatport this month you could win a lot of free stuff

    Flickr’d Online music store Beatport, which specializes in electronic and house and all that fun stuff, has quite the holiday contest going on right now. From now until December 23 buying a song there enters you to win two prize packs. The prize includes that handheld Pacemaker DJ device, a copy of Traktor Scratch Pro, red and white control vinyl, V-Moda Vibe headphones, $100 worth… Read More

  • Pioneer's HDJ-2000 headphones would look great on you at Pacha

    Let’s say your name is, I don’t know, Jonathan Peters or Jojo Flores or Armand Van Helden. As a DJ you need a pair of solid headphones, ones that not only sound good but look good. (It’s a vain industry, DJing.) Are these Pioneer HDJ-2000 headphones what the doctor ordered? Who knows—I haven’t heard them yet—but given Pioneer’s pedigree I’d… Read More

  • Activision is working on DJ Hero

    Flickr’d Activision is hard at work at DJ Hero (may not be the final name), which, presumably, would bring the same sense of fun that Guitar Hero brings wannabe rock starts to wannabe DJs. (Never mind that we’re starting to see signs of Guitar Hero fatigue.) That’s what World Tour‘s project director, Brian Bright, told Joystiq. How would a DJ Hero game work? Well, it… Read More

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