MySI Mobile Launches in Time for March Madness

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Sports Illustrated (SI) Digital and Action Engine Corporation launched MySI Mobile, the beta version of a subscription-free, downloadable mobile application that delivers personalized sports content from

MySI Mobile allows users to select and track sports scores, find schedules and standings of favorite teams, view SI photos, read the latest sports news and set calendar alerts for upcoming games using their phones. MySI Mobile is ad-subsidized and available just in time to follow the NCAA’s 70th Annual Division 1 Men’s Basketball Championship.

“MySI Mobile literally brings the best of SI.COM’S award winning website to the mobile phone user,” said Stacey Vollman, Vice President and GM of SI Digital. “Through this partnership with Action Engine, sports fans will have access to our award winning journalism and content wherever and whenever they need it.”

MySI Mobile was developed using the Action Engine Mobile Application Platform, which provides mobile users with many features to help stay on top of the latest sports news and developments.

“Our leading-edge customers, like Sports Illustrated, The Wall Street and, have embraced mobile advertising as a way to widely deliver high-value content to the phone without forcing consumers to pay yet another subscription fee,” said Scott G. Silk, president and CEO of Action Engine. “As more companies build mobile applications that make their content easy to use and free to download, the wireless phone will become the premier location for driving brand awareness and loyalty with consumers.”

The MySI Mobile application is available today with support for 29 phones running the Microsoft Windows Mobile platform. Windows Mobile is the exclusive launch advertiser for the new service. To download the MySI Mobile application consumers can text “MYSI” to 58585 and receive a text message with a link to download the service. Alternatively, consumers can type on their phone’s mobile browser and follow the download instructions provided.

MySI Mobile

  • John Thomas

    The reason why this company exists is because Ruby is a bloated, obsolete framework that was designed for rapid prototyping, not production websites. You should invest your time into learning Haskell, Scala and Clojure. Functional programming rules.

    • Patrick

      Ruby is used for production websites more often than the languages you mention… if you really want to make a production website you’ll learn Java, C#, Python, and PHP.

    • Jeesh

      First (Troll) Post by John, Ladies and Gentleman.

  • 布里斯班

    I love Django better :-)

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  • Kevin Leversee

    Technology is the enabler of business not the purpose!

    It doesn’t matter if the application is written in ROR, Java, Smalltalk, chicken wire and bubble gum.

    As long as the application met the business objective, works and the client is happy.

    I have been a fan of Ruby since we started releasing work in 2005. For the past four years I have seen a lot of promise, a lot of hope and of course hype.

    With the Merb integration and adoption by more and more it will be obvious that ROR has a concrete place in the Web.

    My new launch is in Radiant CMS a Ruby CMS, why- for us-it made sense.

    Quit trolling, I hate geeks that talk about technology like oh NO use the most obscure shit in the world -see look at me I got the T Shirt that Proves I was their first.

    Listen to Cake- how to you afford your rock and roll lifestyle

    (re-branded to geek lifestyle)

    • led panel

      i am in your opinion.

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