NewsGator Upgrades RSS Readers, Provides Them for Free

NewsGator has decided to offer all of its RSS readers for free, including the newest versions of NetNewsWire, FeedDemon and NewsGator Go! for Windows Mobile. NewsGator Inbox, which has just been launched in public beta, will also be available for free.

When Nick wrote about NewsGators’ latest round of funding, he noted that NewsGator’s desktop feed readers can be preferable to web-based feed readers like Google Reader. Whereas web-based readers often suffer from a lag during which they fail to show a site’s most recent stories, NewsGator’s desktop readers tend to load up-to-the-minute stories from your favorite sites.

NewsGator will rely on revenues from its enterprise offerings going forward. The company will also increasingly record anonymous usage data in an effort “to help make decisions about what content [it believes] will be most relevant for you and for other users.”