NewsGator Discontinues Online RSS Reader, Points To Google Reader

<img src="" width="215" height="180" /><a href="">NewsGator Online</a>, one of the first online R

Is Enterprise RSS Dead? Newsgator CEO: "Who cares?"

Enterprise RSS promised to be far more than just Google Reader on steroids. It allows groups to keep abreast of private updates using push technology without cluttering up e-mail. Similarly, I use SM2

NetNewsWire iPhone app usage stats released

This morning, NewsGator released a small batch of usage statistics for the free iPhone RSS aggregator NetNewsWire, a port of the OS X application of the same name. According to the blog post by Josh L

NewsGator Upgrades RSS Readers, Provides Them for Free

NewsGator has decided to offer all of its RSS readers for free, including the newest versions of NetNewsWire, FeedDemon and NewsGator Go! for Windows Mobile. NewsGator Inbox, which has just been launc

NewsGator Gets $12 Million

Makers of the desktop RSS reader, NewsGator, have raised a $12 million led by a new investor, Vista Ventures, and supported by existing investors Mobius, Venture Capital, and Masthead Venture Partners

NewsGator Comes to the iPhone

Buying an iPhone has started becoming the ticket to an exclusive club for a private web of specially crafted applications. iPhones are getting their own chat, chess, and dating applications. Now iPhon

NewsGator Go!: Now for Java and Blackberry

NewsGator Go!, previously only available for Windows Mobile, is now available for Blackberries and Java-capable phones including models from Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung. This version synchronizes wit

2007: Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn't Live Without

A year ago I wrote a post called “Web 2.0 Companies I Couldn’t Live Without” and listed thirteen startups whose products made a real impact in my life. Those were the products that I lov

Newsgator Go! for mobiles out tommorow

RSS vendor Newsgator will announce tomorrow a new service for reading RSS feeds on Windows Mobile phones. Called Newsgator Go! the program will cost about $30 and will sync its data with other members

Newsgator releases useful toolbar – look out Bloglines

Newsgator just announced the release of a new beta browser toolbar for Windows users of Newsgator Online, Newsgator Inbox and FeedDemon. Some key functionality has been added that will help the compan

Newsgator posts roadmap for the future of RSS

Newsgator and Feedburner are the two most active companies in the RSS space right now. When either of these companies say anything, I pay close attention. Yesterday Newsgator founder and CTO Greg Rein

The State of Online Feed Readers

Syndication is undoubtedly the heartbeat of the web 2.0 movement. A feed reader, the most common solution to consuming synidcated content, saves the user time by monitoring countless sites and sources

Profile – NewsGator Online v. Bloglines

Editor’s Note: This is a profile of NewsGator’s online product only, not its outlook, feeddemon and other products. There is a natural tendency to view NewsGator Online in comparison to Bl