All I want for Christmas are my two front glands

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Apparently this little lady found two Wiis and Guitar Hero III and is willing to part with these gems to get a new set of cans. Let’s let her tell you her story:

So I set out 3 weeks ago to find 20 Wii’s and sell them for $500-ish a piece like everyone else is doing to buy myself a Christmas gift, a new set of boobs. You see mine are used, as in milk factory used. We-I am married-have 4 children and I have spent 8 years pregnant and nursing. I have promised myself for 2 years now that THIS YEAR I would get a new pair. But life happens and kids need shoes, hubby needs a new car for business, found out yesterday my truck needs $1600 of repairs and my boobs, well they are just not up there in the top 50 of priorities. Now when I say I am looking help to get this done, I mean it in the innocent sense. No, I am not going to show them to you and no, you can not pick the size. I am just looking to not wear Fort Knox bras anymore, ‘nothing can get in or out’ my hubby says, they are soooo heavily padded with gel and water! In fact, I don’t think it is normal to be jealous of the rocker chick on the front of the Guitar Hero box. I have been staring at her for weeks thinking it just is not fair. I have consider counseling for my issues with her.

The auction is over, sadly and this woman looks like a mannequin. Truly, we are blessed to live in a land where folks want the Wii more than they want the troops to come home.

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