Guitar Hero

Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion

Gaming giant Activision Blizzard, under the gun from investors over sexual harassment controversies and ongoing executive turmoil, has pulled the escape cord: The company has agreed to be acquired by

Course Hero, a profitable edtech unicorn, raises rare cash

Like any successful founder, Andrew Grauer had bright, long-term ambitions for Course Hero from the moment he launched it in 2006. He started the business to create a place where students could ask qu

Guitar Hero Creators Launch Singtrix, A Karaoke Lover’s Dream

What's your karaoke song? If you have an instant answer to that (or even if you don't), pay attention. The guys that helped create Guitar Hero, John Devecka, Charles Huang, and Kai Huang, along wit

Green Throttle Ends Arena Support As The Android Game Microconsole Herd Begins To Thin

Guitar Hero creator Charles Huang founded Green Throttle, a Santa Clara-based startup with $6 million in funding, to build out multiplayer Android gaming for the living room. Now, the company says it&

How The Huang Brothers Bootstrapped Guitar Hero To A Billion Dollar Business

Editor’s note: Derek Andersen is the founder of Startup Grind, a 35-city event series hosted in 15-countries that educates, inspires, and connects entrepreneurs. He also founded Commonred (acqu

Activision CEO Spills The Beans: Guitar Hero Isn’t Dead, Just Resting

As a barely 23-year-old, my deepest connection to most classic Rock songs is through a <a href="">PlayStation</a> game. My favorite PlayStation game. You may have

Activision: Guitar Hero Not Dead, Merely Placed On Hiatus

<img src="" />Activision now says that Guitar Hero hasn't been outright cancelled, but merely placed on hiatus. The publisher <a H

Guitar Hero Didn't Die A Natural Death, But Was Killed By Myopic Greed

<img src="" />Kudos to <a HREF="">Activision</a> for doing exactly what so many people h

Activision Discontinues Guitar Hero And True Crime Franchises

<img src="" />Sad news today. Looks like the music genre doesn't have room for two (or is it three? four?) overpriced DLC machines. To be

Rock Band 3 will teach you how to play a 25-key keyboard

<img src="" />Rock Band 3 is going to teach you something actually useful: playing-for-real. Clicky Read More to learn how.

New Rock Band to feature the keytar – because as we all know, everyone loves keytars

<img src="" />With sales of music games <a href="">dropping</a

DIY: Turn your Guitar Hero controller into a Ukulele

<img src="" />Here's an interesting modification for a Guitar Hero controller. An anonymous m

I got my first real six-string/ Bought it to play Guitar Hero

<img src="">The original complaint about music games like <a HREF=" h

Music video games, they are dying

<img src="">The NPD Group is reporting that the sale of music games like DJ Hero, Band Hero, Oboe Hero, and Violin

No Doubt sues Activision over inappropriate use of their avatars in Guitar Hero

<img src="" />Famous rock band No Doubt has sued Activision over the use of its avatars in the game <i>Guitar Hero 5</i>. No Doubt says

Rock music is dead, and all the Rock Band in the world won't save it

In the interest of bringing Ron and Fez‘s fantastic radio show topics to a more tech-minded audience, I propose the following: games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, while fun and, generally spea

Review: Guitar Hero 5 (Xbox 360)

<img src="">After finally adding some drummy goodness with Guitar Hero World Tour and then issuing the video game equivalent of a greatest h

Activision mulling plug-and-play Guitar Hero TV games in the future

<img src="">If you really think about it, it makes sense that future installments of Guitar Hero and other games like that could basically co

Logitech releases new guitars, drums for Wii/XB3600 Guitar Hero

<img src="" />Ahhh, just what the doctor ordered: <a href="">Logitech</a> just released a wireless guit

Finally some Guitar Hero "Satisfaction"

<img src="" />Well, they don't have their own game, but at least the Rolling Stones have their own download pack. Guitar Hero jus
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