Guitar Hero

  • DIY: Turn your Guitar Hero controller into a Ukulele

    Here’s an interesting modification for a Guitar Hero controller. An anonymous modder posted a project to Instructables showing how to convert a full size controller to a small size. The modder converted his to a smaller size for his two year old daughter, but whatever your reason is, it looks like a fairly easy thing to do. Read More

  • I got my first real six-string/ Bought it to play Guitar Hero

    The original complaint about music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band is that they convinced kids that playing the guitar was actually easy. A few taps, a few strums and you sounded like Jack White or Ozzy, right? Well Powergig wants to change that perception by offering a real six-string guitar that you can really play and, with the flip of a switch, you can dampen the strings and strum… Read More

  • Music video games, they are dying

    The NPD Group is reporting that the sale of music games like DJ Hero, Band Hero, Oboe Hero, and Violin Concerto Band are falling with a bullet, leading analysts to expect the category to crash this year. The report finds that the Rock Band: The Beatles sold 800,000 units, missing its 1 million forecast and that Guitar Hero 5 sold 500,000 units in its first month of sales, down from 1.4 million… Read More

  • No Doubt sues Activision over inappropriate use of their avatars in Guitar Hero

    Famous rock band No Doubt has sued Activision over the use of its avatars in the game Guitar Hero 5. No Doubt says that the deal it signed with Activision only permitted the avatars to be used when playing No Doubt songs. The problem is that Activision has it set up that you can play any song in the game with the No Doubt avatars. That I’m even writing about this is rather depressing. Read More

  • Rock music is dead, and all the Rock Band in the world won't save it

    In the interest of bringing Ron and Fez‘s fantastic radio show topics to a more tech-minded audience, I propose the following: games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, while fun and, generally speaking, “good,” will not save rock music. Rock and roll, for all intents and purposes, is dead. Bear with me for a minute, I’ll make this relevant to CrunchGear. Read More

  • Review: Guitar Hero 5 (Xbox 360)

    After finally adding some drummy goodness with Guitar Hero World Tour and then issuing the video game equivalent of a greatest hits album, the newest installment of Activision’s wildly popular Guitar Hero series has hit the market. Many may look at Guitar Hero 5 the same way people look at popular sports games like EA’s Madden series: the core game hasn’t changed that much at… Read More

  • Activision mulling plug-and-play Guitar Hero TV games in the future

    If you really think about it, it makes sense that future installments of Guitar Hero and other games like that could basically come packaged like those Jakks Pacific plug-and-play TV games. It’d eliminate the need for a console altogether. Activision CEO Bobby Kotick realizes this, and says that his company is considering the possibilities. Read More

  • Logitech releases new guitars, drums for Wii/XB3600 Guitar Hero

    Ahhh, just what the doctor ordered: Logitech just released a wireless guitar controller that looks like a kinda-sorta Superstrat played by Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden along with a collapsable drum kit for the Wii and the XBox360. Read More

  • Finally some Guitar Hero "Satisfaction"

    Well, they don’t have their own game, but at least the Rolling Stones have their own download pack. Guitar Hero just announced that the Stones have their own DLC pack, available starting today for 720 Microsoft Points (or $9). Read More

  • PlasticAxe: A blog about music gaming

    We don’t usually announce blog launches but this one is pretty much beauty: it’s PlasticAxe, a blog about music gaming. Granted he’ll probably run out of stuff to write about on day 10, but Joe Rybicki, formerly of 1UP and a bunch of other gaming sites and magazines, has melded his love of music gaming with his love of WordPress templates and created a niche blog to end all… Read More

  • Video: Kid solves two Rubik's Cubes while playing Guitar Hero

    Get right the hell outta town with this one. The kid in the above video plays Ozzy Osbourne’s Mr. Crowly on Expert mode in Guitar Hero, using his right elbow to work the strum bar while his right hand solves not one, but two Rubik’s Cubes. And if that wasn’t difficult enough, he plays with his back facing the game, using a mirror for some reason. Chalk this one up to a skill… Read More

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