seriously wtf

New, Trump-Injected Crowdfunding Site Will (Not Really) Make Your Dreams Come True

Are you ready for Donald Trump to (not really) give you (not real) money for your (not really) amazing project? Well, (not really his) new site, <a target="_blank" href="

Funnyjunk’s Lawyer, Charles Carreon, Is Charging The Oatmeal With “Impersonating A Charity”

In Part Umpteen of the endless struggle by Matthew Inman AKA The Oatmeal vs. weird lawyer Charles Carreon, we find our hero beset by the accusation that he is impersonating a charity for collecting a

Gunbrella Will Get You Shot For Sure

<img src="" /> Let's Check More Fun for Daily Life!! Crapgadget vendor Brando is really selling this horrible umbrella

ZuneTattooGuy's video rant: Let's not encourage these people

Not only is homeboy getting his tats removed he went ahead and bought an iPod. And low and behold its a black iPod Classic 80gb. When I was in Best Buy I looked around at the other players, the sold n


Yeah, I’m confused too.

The boldest PR pitch of the day OR something to wake you up this morning

I’m going to post this in its entirety as an example of either the greatest pitch in the world or the mad ramblings of an insufficiently breast-fed misogynist. I’ll let you all decide. Hel

CrunchArcade: Hello Kitty Online expansion to launch next year, God save us all

An extension to the massively multiplayer online game based on the frightening and sad world of Hello Kitty is well on its way to ensnaring our youth in its disgusting pink and white tentacles. The ex

iWash: Clean your iPhone screen from the inside (slightly NSFW)

Ummm… yeah. $5. Ladies in bikinis “cleaning” your screen. Slightly NSFW. Put out by nightclub “chain” ClubWest. I’m going to go cry myself away from the pain now. v

Dressing the Magic colthes (TM)

The winner of best Engrish in a CES booth goes to…

All I want for Christmas are my two front glands

Apparently this little lady found two Wiis and Guitar Hero III and is willing to part with these gems to get a new set of cans. Let’s let her tell you her story: So I set out 3 weeks ago to find

Microsoft's homosexual agenda will not be tolerated, pastel icons and nice desktop wallpaper featuring cast of London Cats an abomination

Improve the community! Firestorms of shareholder angst! Steve Ballmer calls former football player a liar! Microsoft loves them some gays! What will Microsoft do? An advocate of a “biblical stan