Clinton Asks YouTube Users To Pick A Song

Alright CrunchGear readers. I’m really counting on you for this one.

Hilary Clinton has a campaign for the presidency going down right now. Only problem is, she isn’t rockin’ enough to pick a cool theme song for her campaign’s web site. So she is now reaching out to the YouTube community and is asking you, the voter, to pick a song for her. The choices are downright terrible and range from Smash Mouth to Celine Dion. Yeah. Great way to win a presidential race. Use Celine Dion. You can find all that jazz here.

Anyways, I want all of you to write to Hilary Clinton telling her that if she doesn’t pick Dio – Holy Diver for her campaign song, she can count on losing your vote. If enough people can get Dio up on the list of songs, our mission will be accomplished. Make this happen not just for us, but for all of America.

Clinton asks YouTube users for song help [AP]