EyeSight on Apple Vision Pro makes wearing a headset slightly more human

Apple unveiled its long-awaited AR headset at WWDC, called the Apple Vision Pro. One key difference between the Apple Vision Pro and its competitors is that you can see people’s eyes through the device, giving the headset a slightly more human feel (or, you might think it’s creepy, but isn’t it more unsettling to just see a hunk of plastic?).

“Your eyes are a critical indicator of connection and emotion,” Apple said. “So Vision Pro displays your eyes when someone is nearby.”

The black exterior of the Vision Pro becomes somewhat transparent, letting people around you see your eyes. On the user end, if someone is trying to talk to you while you’re wearing the headset, you’ll be able to see them more prominently than whatever app you have opened up. Of course, since this is an AR headset, rather than a VR headset, you’ll still have some semblance of your surroundings — but without this feature, it would be awkward to ask someone to take a few steps to the left so that they aren’t being covered by a Safari tab.

Apple said that you can take photos and videos with the Vision Pro, but another benefit of EyeSight is that it lets people see that you’re taking a picture.

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