Extra Crunch Live: Join Mark Cuban for our live chat right now

In just a few hours, the TechCrunch crew is chatting with investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban. Kicking off at 8 am PT, 11 am ET and 3 PM GMT, Jordan Crook and Alex Wilhelm will talk startups and the economy with Cuban as part of TechCrunch’s new Extra Crunch Live series (you can join here).

In the past few weeks, the first episodes in the series with Cowboy Venture’s Aileen Lee and Ted Wang, Precursor Ventures’ Charles Hudson, and Kapor Capital’s Freada Kapor Klein and Mitch Kapor have been a hit, so we’re excited to keep going.

Cuban’s up next. You can hit up the Zoom info below to join the call directly (and ask your own questions) or simply sit back and watch the live streaming version on YouTube. All details are after the jump.

Cuban rose to prominence in the business world in the 90s, selling MicroSolutions, a software reseller and system integrator, for $6 million in the first year of the decade. By the end of ’90s, he’d added a few zeroes to his deals, selling Broadcast.com to Yahoo for billions in 1999. Since then he’s become well known for his majority ownership in the Dallas Mavericks (a basketball franchise) and participation in Shark Tank, a television program.

Critical to the TechCrunch audience, Cuban is an active investor in startups. Picking one investment that TechCrunch has covered recently. For example, he’s invested in The Zebra, a company Cuban got involved in after the founder cold-emailed him about the insurance industry. TechCrunch covered the company’s $38.5 million Series C this February.

Startups and investing will be the key topics of our discussion. But we’ll also ask about the domestic and global economies, and Alex wants to know Cuban’s take on the rising split between the health of the American consumer and the strength of the major equities indices.

Details for Extra Crunch members are next. You can sign up here for a trial on the cheap. Let’s go!


Here’s the information you’ll need:

  • April 30 @ 11am ET/8am PT