Announcing the Extra Crunch Live event series

The startup world is going through yet another evolution. A few years ago, VCs were focused on growth over profitability. Now, making money is just as important, if not more, than sheer growth. And we’re in the midst of a global pandemic, which has brought the economy to a crawl and forced entrepreneurs to rethink both their short and long-term priorities.

Startups want to hear from the voices they trust for guidance on how to navigate this difficult situation. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Extra Crunch Live, a virtual speaker series complete with live Q&A exclusive for Extra Crunch members. Sign up for Extra Crunch to get access to this webinar series.

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Upcoming Extra Crunch Live Events

Extra Crunch Live with Max Levchin

Thursday, August 6 at 1:00pm PT / 4:00pm ET

Max Levchin, cofounder of PayPal, runs one of the biggest fintech companies in Silicon Valley in Affirm. He was an early investor in Yelp, with portfolio companies that include Evernote, Pinterest, Transferwise and Yammer. Hear Levchin’s leadership advice for new founders and what he expects from Silicon Valley in the future.