Elon Musk plays Overwatch, thinks storytelling is neglected in modern games

Elon Musk spoke to Y Combinator’s Sam Altman in a sit-down interview last year where he discussed, among other things, his apprehensions about the possible implications of developing advanced AI. But when the interview was over and the camera was still rolling, Altman asked Musk for recommendations about good video games to play.

Musk’s immediate response was “Overwatch,” which Altman also plays, so the YC president dug for more. Musk came up with Hearthstone on the back of his children’s love of the game, and generally praises Blizzard, but has not so nice things to say about the latest instalment of the Deus Ex franchise.

The SpaceX and Tesla CEO goes on to lament the current state of storytelling in video games, and Altman quickly picks up that baton and runs with it. Maybe both of you should check out the new Mass Effect, if you’re reading this – otherwise I promise to spend my spare time writing an epic video game narrative for the ages.