Network Processing Powerhouse Kentik, Formerly CloudHelix, Raises $12.1 Million in Series A Funding

Kentik (formerly CloudHelix), a cloud-based networking analytics company, disclosed Tuesday that it had closed a $12.1 million Series A funding round in addition to announcing that it was now launching its major service from stealth, Kentik Detect, a SaaS product that enables “full visibility across an unlimited number of networks of any size for real-time, actionable insights into network traffic activity.”

The round was led by August Capital with participation from First Round Capital, Data Collective, Webb Investment Network, Tahoma Ventures, Engineering Capital and a number of angel investors as well.  Tuesday’s funding announcement follows $3.1 million in seed funding raised in September of 2014.

With major names like Yelp, Box, Netflix and Facebook already signing on, Kentik’s network processing power, which tackles “tens of billions of data records” per day, is gaining major corporate support from companies hoping to make sense of the menagerie of network data currently available in the internet ethos.

“Actionable visibility is a major pain point for network operators,” Dave Temkin, Director of Global Networks at Netflix and Kentik investor, said in a press release. “Until now, only web-scale organizations have had the resources to make real progress. Kentik created a viable answer that is accessible to anyone who runs a network.”

In a press release, Kentik described the empowerment that its new product offered corporate clients:

“With unparalleled raw data retention and fast query responses combined with proactive real-time alerting, Kentik Detect puts operators in control to understand how their networks are behaving, reveal root causes of issues, and plan for growth based on reality rather than guesswork.”

“As the volume and complexity of networks has grown, the data handling and analytics required have become so complex that traditional network management tools have been unable to scale and innovate,” said Avi Freedman, the Co-founder and CEO of Kentik. “We intend to make Kentik the single, unified source of intelligence for all infrastructure data.”

Kentik is hoping to simplify analyzing huge quantities of network data as global IP traffic grows exponentially. The company is preparing to help companies handle the massive swaths of network data, which it expects to surpass the zettabyte (one trillion gigabytes) level by 2016.