AT&T Announces Rollover Data Plan, Starting On January 25

Not even a month after T-Mobile announced its rollover data plan called “Data Stash,” competitor AT&T is following with the unveiling of a rollover data plan of its own. Detailed this morning by the mobile operator, AT&T says that beginning on January 25, all customers on a current AT&T Mobile Share Value plan will receive the new Rollover Data feature at no additional cost.

Customers won’t have to take any action to enable the feature, or sign up – it will just be turned on for them, says AT&T.

Once this kicks in, the unused, shareable plan data in a given month will be rolled over to be used within the next month. The data can also be shared with everyone who’s also on the Mobile Share Value plan.

Going into the next month, customers will first tap into their plan allotment before they can begin using their Rollover Data, AT&T notes. The Unused Rollover Data does not carry over, however.

The company provided an example to illustrate how this would work, saying:

If you have four lines and have a 15GB AT&T Mobile Share Value Plan and only use 10GB in a given month, you’ll roll over 5GB and have a total of 20GB available to use within the next month. If you were to only use 10GB in the second month, you’ll again roll over 5GB and have a total of 20GB available the next month. Bottom line: if you have unused plan data this month, it automatically rolls over to be used within the next month in case you need more than your plan’s allotment.

There are over 50 million Mobile Share Value subscribers in the U.S., the carrier reports.

In December 2014, T-Mobile led the way with the announcement of a similar plan, but one that’s a bit more favorable to consumers – with T-Mobile’s “Data Stash,” the data you bank isn’t good indefinitely, but it is good for up to a year after time of purchase.