T-Mobile Now Lets You Bank Purchased Data For Up To One Year

T-Mobile continues its massive marketing engine of Uncarrier announcements today with version 8.0 of its ongoing “industry-rocking” moves. Despite the ridiculous tenor of the marketing message and absurd software-style sequential releases, the moves genuinely seem to benefit the consumer, and today’s “Data Stash” unveil is no different: T-Mobile customers will be able to retain data they don’t use from their cap each month, and put it towards future use, starting in January.

The Data Stash program also offers all new and existing T-Mobile customers on a postpaid Simple Choice plan who also purchase additional high-speed data a one-time bonus of 10GB of 4G LTE bandwidth. That means they start off in the black, with 10GB to burn before they even start eating into their act monthly allowance.

The data you bank isn’t eternal, but it is good for up to a year after time of purchase, rather than for only the 30 day period during which it’s generally valid at competing carriers. T-Mobile CEO John Legere also said in a release that accompanies the announcement that the decision was at least in-part crowdsourced, based on “more than 40,000” requests on Twitter from customers who wanted their data allowances to carry over.

T-Mobile also announced expansions to its network alongside the new Data Stash features, with 10 million more Americans covered by network expansions made within the last 60 days, and expansion of its Wideband LTE tech.

Marketing circus aside, T-Mobile’s doing stuff that actually benefits its subscribers, and making changes to things that have seemed almost invisible and permanent laws of the wireless industry. ‘Uncarrier’ as a word is still as stupid as the day it was coined, but bankable data can make up for a lot of questionable branding.