Patrons Aims To Hook Your Office Up With Live Performances

Patrons is an app makes it easy to hook your place of business up with a band that has a little bit of free time before a performance. The idea is that the artist can pick up an extra gig while in town for another performance. It’s an offshoot from live music booking marketplace Gigit. According to founder Tegan Gaan, you can also book yoga instructors and all sorts of other performers on the app, too.

We used Patrons to get “Act as If” to come play at TechCrunch headquarters here in San Francisco. It was a sort of NPR style “Tiny Desk Concert.” I sat down with Gaan before the band went on to learn a bit more about how the app works.

You may not be familiar with “Act as If,” but you’ve probably heard a few of their songs. The band is starting to blow up on the music scene. They’ve already been featured in the CW’s Pretty Little Liars, an Apple commercial for the OS X Lion and MTV’s Jersey Shore. Act as If just dropped their new album, “Steady.” Several outlets have started to feature music from the album, including KROQ, Fuse, Buzz Bands LA, Pure Volume and Buzznet.

Check them out in the TechCrunch studios music video below.