Tapdaq Raises $1.4M Led By Balderton For Dev-Friendly Mobile Ad Exchange

Tapdaq, a community-driven mobile ad exchange, has raised a $1.4 millon seed round led by Balderton Capital. The company has also wooed over AdMob EMEA’s Russell Buckley as its new Chairman.

Tapdaq is the brain-child of Ted Nash, one of the new generation of very young entrepreneurs who has been online almost literally since birth. As a teenager he came up with the anonymous gossip forum LittleGossip.com, pre-dating the Secret app by a number of years.

Tapdaq is an advertising exchange for mobile applications, aimed at independent developers who want to advertise within each other’s apps. The platform gets around the problem of needing developers to spend cash by operating its own currency, the ‘daq’. Thus the P2P exchange has garnered traction amongst developers for its highly organic nature, driven by mutual benefits.

Developers earn daq by promoting other developers’ apps and driving users to them. Each developer sets their own price for their apps, allowing them to shop around for other relevant applications to promote.