Leak Lets You Send Anonymous Emails

It’s clear that anonymity, in one way or another, is going to be a part of our digital future. But the folks over at JustLeak.it have looked to the past for inspiration in this brave weird new world.

Leak is a web service that lets you send anonymous emails to people. Just put in a recipients’ email, choose the type of relationship you have with that person (friend, coworker, etc.) and send off your message.

It’s a type of one-to-one anonymity that feels necessary given the number of anonymous sharing networks focused on the broadcast. In fact, Secret was originally built for just this purpose: to send an anonymous message to someone’s email.

The Leak service is still pretty barebones, lacking the ability to send attachments, but it does have a built-in network effect through a newsletter, where users can receive the best Leaks of the week in their inboxes.

It’s PostSecret meets Whisper messaging, all in your inbox.

The space around anonymity and privacy (and their intersection) is obviously heating up. But it goes beyond the big guys like Whisper and Secret — Mark Cuban’s CyberDust is picking up steam alongside other one-to-one, ephemeral messaging apps like Confide.

Leak taps both sides of the coin to get you to speak directly and honestly to someone specific. Or totally mess with their head. Or flirt. Or actually leak information. You’re expressing the id without the public show of it all, but just because the message is anonymous doesn’t mean that context clues won’t blow your cover.

You can try out Leak for yourself here.