Apple Sold 35.2M iPhones, 13.3M iPads And 4.4M Macs In Q3 2014

Apple has released its latest quarterly earnings report, and the hardware story is one that you might have heard before: For the most part, the company sold more devices year-over-year, with the notable exception of the iPad, which continues to see slight declines as it did last quarter.

By the numbers, Apple sold 35.20 million iPhones, 13.27 million iPads, 4.41 million Macs and 2.96 million iPods. During the same quarter last year, Apple sold 31.24 million iPhones, 14.62 million iPads, 3.75 million Macs, and 4.57 million iPods. Analysts had anticipated sales of 35.78 million iPhones, 14.43 million iPads, 3.93 million Macs and 2.34 million iPods for the quarter. It beat expectations for Macs and iPods, but everything else fell slightly below predictions. The 12 percent increase on iPhone sales beat last quarter’s 7 percent growth, however, and Macs grew nearly 20 percent year over year.

Apple has been riding high on iPhone gains, despite it being late in the refresh cycle for the smartphone, which generally gets a new version come fall. These results mean it’s still doing well despite rumors of a new device with a larger screen. The slight dip in the iPad numbers isn’t encouraging for the potential growth of that segment, but it’s also been a while now since the tablets were updated, and Apple still clearly rules the roost when it comes to slate devices. If this market is stalling as some suggest, it isn’t a problem unique to Apple.

The iPad earned Apple 8 percent less revenue compared to last year, while the iPhone revenue grew by 9 percent. Mac revenue was up 13 percent, while iPod units shipped were down 36 percent, resulting in a 40 percent revenue drop year-over-year.