Apple iPhone 6 Could Offer A Light-Up Logo According To The Latest Rear Case Leaks

The Apple logo that glows on the back of MacBook computers is basically a beacon that says “hey, I’m a person with pretty good taste in notebooks.” That signal might be making its way to the iPhone 6, too, according to multiple reports, now supported by what is supposedly the back case component of the upcoming smartphone. The case leak, from repeated, accurate leaker Sonny Dickson (via Pocket-Lint) has a plastic cover underpinning the back iPhone logo, which is thin enough to let light through.

The logo cover could also be used to allow transmission of wireless signals to more easily pass through the all-metal back of the device, which appears to feature top and bottom aluminum panels where the glass wireless windows are located on the current version of the iPhone 5s. Pocket-Lint suggests the possibility that it’s going to be used specifically to allow for NFC communication, which is another featured that’s rumored to be coming to the iPhone in the new version arriving this fall.

Overall, the rear panel does appear to agree with previous leaks and rumors regarding what we’d see on the next-generation iPhone, including a new camera design and thinner specifications all around. In general, it bears a lot of resemblance to the iPad mini design, but with plastic strips surrounding top and bottom panels, which will theoretically help with cellular data and Wi-Fi radio transmission.

We don’t yet know what the iPhone 6 will look like for sure when it comes out, likely sometime this fall, but rumors have shown a sapphire-based screen that’s extremely flexible and scratch resistant, and the case leaks are mounting, all of which suggests device production is gearing up for the public launch.