YouTube’s big makeover continues with redesigned mobile app, new logo and more

Earlier this year, YouTube introduced a major redesign of its desktop website which delivered a cleaner look and new features like a “dark mode” for nighttime watching. Today, YouTube is t

Tailor Brands raises $4M to have robots design logos for you

For the most part, apps like Prisma depend on curated training sets to impersonate style and apply it to a new context. While this may signal that machine creativity is dead on arrival, we shouldn&#8

Apple iPhone 6 Could Offer A Light-Up Logo According To The Latest Rear Case Leaks

The Apple logo that glows on the back of MacBook computers is basically a beacon that says “hey, I’m a person with pretty good taste in notebooks.” That signal might be making its wa

Pinterest And Path To Battle Over Letter “P” Logo Trademark

Are the <a target="_blank" href="http://www.path.com">Path</a> and <a target="_blank" href="http://www.pinterest.com">Pinterest</a> logos too similar? Path apparently thinks so. The mobile messaging s

Yahoo Picks A New GeoCities Logo

After months of hype and countless dollars, Yahoo! has unveiled the next big move in its ambitious transformation: a slimmed down logo.

Retro iPhone mod

Wait a sec…is that an iPhone or a Newton?? Ah, I see. It’s still an iPhone, just fitted with a crafty mod made by Mark Hoekstra. How’d he get the colorful Apple logo from the 1980s o

Microsoft Adds Country Music Television, Logo and More Hi-Def Movies to XBL Marketplace This Month

With its Xbox Live Marketplace, Microsoft is fighting to make sure Apple’s iTunes doesn’t become the de-facto service for downloadable movies and TV shows. To ensure this, the bad boys fro