• Hands On With The Moshi iGlaze With VersaCover iPad Case

    Hands On With The Moshi iGlaze With VersaCover iPad Case

    Finding the right iPad cover is sort of a first world problem – there’s plenty of choice and you just don’t know what to spend your money on. I’ve been using a Speck case and the smart cover for a while but I think I found my new favorite, the Moshi iGlaze with folding VersaCover. What it lacks in naming finesse it makes up for in beauty. This case features a bonded… Read More

  • iPhone Mod Gives Your Phone A Bit Of Rainbow Flavor

    Although Apple seems to want to forget all about that sad, dark time when their logo featured all the colors of the rainbow, this iPhone mod – really an aluminium back plate – will bring those memories rushing back. You can swap out the plate simply by unscrewing the two small screws at the bottom of your phone and a four bucks more gets you a glowing, translucent rainbow logo. Read More

  • Some Retailers Say iPhone 4 Cases Will Fit The 4S, Others Don’t

    Some Retailers Say iPhone 4 Cases Will Fit The 4S, Others Don’t

    Well, this is a bit curious. We’re all well aware that a phone such as the iPhone 4S requires a case. It’s just too damn precious and costs way too much to go unprotected, but the best cases are often expensive. That said, I’m sure many iPhone 4 owners were hoping to keep their old case when upgrading to the iPhone 4S, but if OtterBox is your go-to case brand, think again. Read More

  • The pHOLD Bike Mount: You Know, For Bikes

    True story: last week I was riding my bike and I reached down to my pocket to grab my phone to check the map. I saw a car coming around the corner and slammed on the brakes. A second later I was up, over the handlebars, and my phone bore the brunt of my fall. Luckily I had it in a case but, aside from my pride, nothing was damaged. That’s why I like this pHOLD thing. It’s basically… Read More

  • Weekend Giveaway: One Of 10 Zazzle iPhone Cases

    You may recall Shakespeare’s opinion of iPhone cases. I quote from his famous play, The Twelfth SIM Card: If iPhones be the food of love, play on;
    Give me excess of them, that, surfeiting,
    The appetite may sicken, and so die.
    That strain again! it had a dying fall:
    O, it came o’er my ear like a Zazzle case,
    That breathes upon a bank of iPhones,
    Stealing and giving odour! Enough… Read More

  • iPad Grabbit Case Helps You Keep A Grip On Your Tablet

    iPad case design concepts keep coming out, with more and more of them starting to look the same. The concept is simple: a hard case, with a hand-strap grip on the back that rotates 360 degrees. The case looks like a great idea if you depend on your iPad and use it for extended periods of time. Read More

  • Brando Outs iPad Case That Looks Like A Notebook

    Looking for an iPad case that also has a built-in keyboard? Check out this case from Brando. The keyboard runs through Bluetooth and has a built-in lithium battery that lasts about a week and stands-by for 100 days. The keyboard can be removed and used up to 10 meters away. The case is made of high-quality leather and claims to be “Soft, waterproof and space saving.” Preorders… Read More

  • OtterBox Releases Heavy Duty Defender iPad Case

    My son uses my iPad as his de facto car movie watching device and I always worry it’s going to end up crunched between his car seat and the door. With this monstrous case, however, I probably wouldn’t worry anymore. I’d just worry about carrying the freaking iPad. Read More

  • Ten One Design's Particle case keeps your iPad cool

    Looking for a case for your iPad? Here’s one to consider; Ten One Design just came out with the Particle Case. The Particle Case combines a capacitive touch screen stylus with a integrated clip and open back to protect your device, but also keep it from overheating during use. Best part about it is the quite reasonable $34.95 retail price. The Particle case is available now from the Ten… Read More

  • Authentic Moleskine Notebook for the Kindle, it’s so edgy

    The sense of style for a Mission District hipster can often times be too edgy for the “culturally sheltered mainstream consumer”. As a hipster you will undoubtedly rock a Moleskine notebook in the city, because let’s face it, you’ve got something intelligent to write. Let us take that one step further, and throw a Kindle inside the cover. Can you feel that edginess? Read More

  • The Toughest Case/Clipboard for iPad Has Arrived, is called “Hard Case for iPad”

    Perfect for the guy whose job requires him to be out in the field, the Hard Case for iPad is “tough as nails”. Inside of the construction grade clipboard, there is a secure paper tray and below that, houses the iPad, out of sight and in the protection of high-density polyurethane foam. The case is made of high strength aluminum and has anti-skid strips on the back to keep your case… Read More

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