• Twelve South’s New SurfacePad Gives Your iPhone A Smart Cover

    Twelve South’s New SurfacePad Gives Your iPhone A Smart Cover

    TwelveSouth announced a new iPhone accessory today, one that probably looks familiar if you’re aware of Apple’s Smart Cover and Smart Case products. The SurfacePad for iPhone is a sheath of Napa leather that wraps around your phone and provides basic level protection while adding a minimum amount of weight and thickness. Read More

  • Hands On With The Moshi iGlaze With VersaCover iPad Case

    Hands On With The Moshi iGlaze With VersaCover iPad Case

    Finding the right iPad cover is sort of a first world problem – there’s plenty of choice and you just don’t know what to spend your money on. I’ve been using a Speck case and the smart cover for a while but I think I found my new favorite, the Moshi iGlaze with folding VersaCover. What it lacks in naming finesse it makes up for in beauty. This case features a bonded… Read More

  • iPhone Mod Gives Your Phone A Bit Of Rainbow Flavor

    Although Apple seems to want to forget all about that sad, dark time when their logo featured all the colors of the rainbow, this iPhone mod – really an aluminium back plate – will bring those memories rushing back. You can swap out the plate simply by unscrewing the two small screws at the bottom of your phone and a four bucks more gets you a glowing, translucent rainbow logo. Read More

  • Some Retailers Say iPhone 4 Cases Will Fit The 4S, Others Don’t

    Some Retailers Say iPhone 4 Cases Will Fit The 4S, Others Don’t

    Well, this is a bit curious. We’re all well aware that a phone such as the iPhone 4S requires a case. It’s just too damn precious and costs way too much to go unprotected, but the best cases are often expensive. That said, I’m sure many iPhone 4 owners were hoping to keep their old case when upgrading to the iPhone 4S, but if OtterBox is your go-to case brand, think again. Read More

  • The pHOLD Bike Mount: You Know, For Bikes

    True story: last week I was riding my bike and I reached down to my pocket to grab my phone to check the map. I saw a car coming around the corner and slammed on the brakes. A second later I was up, over the handlebars, and my phone bore the brunt of my fall. Luckily I had it in a case but, aside from my pride, nothing was damaged. That’s why I like this pHOLD thing. It’s basically… Read More

  • Weekend Giveaway: One Of 10 Zazzle iPhone Cases

    You may recall Shakespeare’s opinion of iPhone cases. I quote from his famous play, The Twelfth SIM Card: If iPhones be the food of love, play on;
    Give me excess of them, that, surfeiting,
    The appetite may sicken, and so die.
    That strain again! it had a dying fall:
    O, it came o’er my ear like a Zazzle case,
    That breathes upon a bank of iPhones,
    Stealing and giving odour! Enough… Read More

  • iPad Grabbit Case Helps You Keep A Grip On Your Tablet

    iPad case design concepts keep coming out, with more and more of them starting to look the same. The concept is simple: a hard case, with a hand-strap grip on the back that rotates 360 degrees. The case looks like a great idea if you depend on your iPad and use it for extended periods of time. Read More

  • Brando Outs iPad Case That Looks Like A Notebook

    Looking for an iPad case that also has a built-in keyboard? Check out this case from Brando. The keyboard runs through Bluetooth and has a built-in lithium battery that lasts about a week and stands-by for 100 days. The keyboard can be removed and used up to 10 meters away. The case is made of high-quality leather and claims to be “Soft, waterproof and space saving.” Preorders… Read More

  • OtterBox Releases Heavy Duty Defender iPad Case

    My son uses my iPad as his de facto car movie watching device and I always worry it’s going to end up crunched between his car seat and the door. With this monstrous case, however, I probably wouldn’t worry anymore. I’d just worry about carrying the freaking iPad. Read More

  • Ten One Design's Particle case keeps your iPad cool

    Looking for a case for your iPad? Here’s one to consider; Ten One Design just came out with the Particle Case. The Particle Case combines a capacitive touch screen stylus with a integrated clip and open back to protect your device, but also keep it from overheating during use. Best part about it is the quite reasonable $34.95 retail price. The Particle case is available now from the Ten… Read More

  • Authentic Moleskine Notebook for the Kindle, it’s so edgy

    The sense of style for a Mission District hipster can often times be too edgy for the “culturally sheltered mainstream consumer”. As a hipster you will undoubtedly rock a Moleskine notebook in the city, because let’s face it, you’ve got something intelligent to write. Let us take that one step further, and throw a Kindle inside the cover. Can you feel that edginess? Read More

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