Spotify’s Big Redesign Rolls Out To Android Today

Following a major makeover from earlier this month, which introduced a new, simpler and darker theme to the streaming music platform Spotify, Android users are now also getting a refreshed app starting today. Like their web, desktop and iOS counterparts, Android users will also now see the darker theme, refreshed typography and rounded iconography that was announced earlier, as well as a handful of new features for finding and managing your music.

The company says that the updated experience will begin rolling out on Android today, and is expected to reach all Android users over the “coming weeks.”

In case you missed it, in the beginning of April, Spotify introduced a refreshed look for its service which focused on better highlighting content, with media given prime placement in the new layout, rounded icons for artist pages, and larger cover art on Discovery pages. At the time, the company said that the look was about giving the brand a “clear identity” so that a friend “peeking over your shoulder” would recognize the service as Spotify.

andorid4The redesign launched first on the web, desktop, and iPhone apps, with plans to arrive on other mobile platforms soon, the company had promised.

Additionally, Android users will also notice improved playlists, with the changes to the “Your Music” section, which have actually been rolling out over the past weeks. Previously this section, then called “Collections,” had some limitations. For instance, it didn’t let you save albums to your Collections, which meant you’d have to make playlists for each new album. These days, the “Your Music” section lets you store and view playlists, songs,  albums, artists and playlists.

On Android, the “Browse” feature is also being improved with the update, offering more relevant and localized content, says Spotify. This section now helps you find things to play, without as much thought, offering curated playlists, top lists, new releases, and a large selection of playlists categorized by mood and genre, like “Happiness,” “Party,” “Pop,” “Workout,” and more, all of which then offer a good-sized selection of sub-categories once tapped. (e.g. the Mood collection offers things like “songs for sunsets,” “deep focus,” “smart is the new sexy,” “happy to be home,” “psyched!” and dozens of others.

The updated app will roll out today, though may not be live in your local Google Play store just yet.