Google Starts Rolling Out New Version Of Sheets With Offline Editing Support To Everybody

Last December, Google announced a new version of Sheets, its online spreadsheet app that’s part of its Google Drive productivity suite. Until now, this new version was opt-in only, but starting today, Google will roll it out to everybody.

The new version of Sheets is one of the biggest updates in the product’s history, though the one feature users will likely appreciate the most is support for offline editing. This only works in Chrome, but if that’s what you use, you can now work on your spreadsheets even if you are offline and then Google Will sync your edits once you get a connection again. Both Google Docs and Google Slides already featured offline support before.

Earlier on, there were a few features that didn’t work in the new version¬†and it seems Google has indeed decided to retire a few underused features with the update. These include support for the Solver tool in Sheets, autofill using Google Sets and a couple of other functions.

In return, though, it’s now easier to select multiple cells and add hyperlinks, for example. The new Filter views¬†also make it easier to share different views of your data with your collaborators and those who need extra-large spreadsheets with millions of cells can now use Sheets for those, too.


Earlier this month, Google also rolled out support for third-party add-ons for its productivity apps and those, of course, are also available in Sheets.

Google says it will upgrade everybody to the new version over the next few weeks, so it may take a little while before you get access to it.