Of Course Samsung Is Now Making A Gold GS4

I’m going to try to write this without mentioning the gold iPhone 5s.

Samsung just took the wraps off of two gold-themed Galaxy S4 smartphones: Gold Pink and Gold Brown. Both options are seemingly cosmetic updates to Samsung’s Android flagship.

I can’t do it.

This news comes just two weeks after Apple revealed the gold iPhone 5s. And if recent reports are correct, the demand for the gold version is higher than Apple expected. Of course Samsung wanted in on the action.

To Samsung’s credit, planning and announcing a smartphone cannot happen in two weeks. Not even for Samsung. But Samsung likely follows the Apple rumor mill even more closely than the fanboys and likely knew with a high degree of certainty that a gold iPhone was in the pipeline. Samsung had plenty of time to prep their own model.

So far, Samsung is only showing this off to the United Arab Emirates market. As The Verge points out, Nokia also offered a gold phone there. It’s unclear at this point if the model will hit elsewhere. Samsung is likely looking to Apple and the iPhone 5s to make that decision for them.