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The Samsung Galaxy S5 Could Launch This Month

Samsung is expected to introduce the latest generation of the Galaxy S line at Mobile World Congress this month. According to the NYT, the Galaxy S5 is a more conservative flagship offering than earli

Elliptic Labs Launches Android SDK For Its Ultrasound-Powered Mid-Air Gesture Tech — Phones With ‘Touchless’ UI Landing In 2H 2014

Elliptic Labs, a startup that uses ultrasound technology to enable touchless, gesture-based interfaces, has finally pushed its tech into smartphones. It's been demoing this at the CEATEC conference th

Of Course Samsung Is Now Making A Gold GS4

I'm going to try to write this without mentioning the gold iPhone 5s. Samsung just took the wraps off of two gold-themed Galaxy S4 smartphones: Gold Pink and Gold Brown. Both options are seemingly

Mobeam Outs Beep’nGo Loyalty Card App For Galaxy S4 And Note 3, But Bets Its Future On Beaming Services

San Francisco startup Mobeam has been awfully quiet since it revealed a whopper of a smartphone partnership earlier this year, and today the reason for that relative silence has become clear. Mobeam a

Fly Or Die: Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

We first caught wind of the <a href="">Samsung Galaxy S4 Acti

This Week On The TechCrunch Gadgets Podcast: Bye Bye BlackBerry And Vanilla Android On The HTC One/GS4

BlackBerry is "<a href="">circling the toilet</a>," as Chris Velazco puts it so eloquently. Meanwhile, Goog

Google Play Edition Samsung Galaxy S4 And HTC One Now Available, Will Start Shipping By July 9

Despite plenty of rumors that attested to the contrary, Google didn't show off any new Nexus phones at its I/O developer conference -- instead it trotted out a version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 that ra

Samsung Galaxy S4 Shipments Hit 10 Million One Month After Release

Samsung's Galaxy S4 has hit 10 million channel sales one month after its release. The company <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> its latest milestone to

Google To Begin Offering Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 With Stock Android For $649 On June 26

Google is offering a version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, arguably one of the top current Android devices, with Jelly Bean 4.2 unlocked on Google Play beginning June 26, the company revealed at I/O today

Samsung Galaxy S4 Shipments Top 6 Million In 15 Days

Samsung has confirmed via the Korean website Chosun Ilbo that it has shipped over 6 million units of the Galaxy S4 since its international release on April 26. According to the firm, this is the faste

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Active Rugged Smartphone Hits Bluetooth SIG As All-Terrain Phone Battle Heats Up

Samsung is moving quickly to diversify its phone line, with variants of the S4 popping out of the woodwork left and right, including the Galaxy S4 Zoom, which features a rumored 10x optical zoom on it

Samsung Prepares A Phone For Every Feature As The Galaxy S4 Zoom Shows Up At Bluetooth SIG

Samsung is in a unique position among Android smartphone manufacturers, which allows it to create devices like the Galaxy S4 Zoom, a rumored S4 variant that showed up for certification at the Bluetoot

Fly Or Die: Samsung Galaxy S4

Haven't quite gotten your fill of the Galaxy S4? We haven't, either. First came <a href="

Samsung May Launch A Rugged Galaxy S4 This Summer, Could Counter New Moto Phones

Samsung is working on a dust-proof and water-proof Galaxy S4, which will essentially resemble the S4 but with environmental superpowers, says the Wall Street Journal. The paper also reported that Sams

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review: The S Stands For Super, Not Simple

The Galaxy S4 has an easy mode, and more importantly, the Galaxy S4 <em>needs</em> an easy mode. This necessity is a double-edged sword. It means that the technology built into Samsung's latest genera

After Everyone Points Out iPhone Will Be Cheaper Than Galaxy S4 On AT&T, Carrier Claims A Mulligan

AT&T has issued a clarification on its Galaxy S4 pricing via the unique method of a small statement in a footnote to an earlier post. Previously, AT&T had announced via its consumer blog on Ma

Samsung Galaxy S4 Pre-Sales Start At AT&T On April 16, Priced At $249.99 On 2-Year Agreement

AT&T has just posted an update to its Consumer Blog revealing pre-order details of the Samsung Galaxy S4. The phone will be available for order beginning April 16, for $249.99 with a two-year comm

Samsung Reportedly Debuting Stores-Within-A-Store At Best Buy Locations For Galaxy S4 Launch

Samsung will reportedly be launching Samsung Stores in select Best Buy locations ahead of the Galaxy S4's U.S. launch, a new report from claims. The new sections, which will occupy spots clos

Qi Confirms Upcoming Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Accessories

It's official: The Samsung Galaxy S4 will support Qi wireless charging but only through an optional backplate. When the Samsung Galaxy S4 launched last week, <a target="_blank" href="http://www.engadg

Are Tablets Mobile? The Samsung Galaxy S4 Could Finally End The Debate

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em>Bill Ready is CEO of Braintree, an online and mobile payment provider to many of the top apps in the App Store, including Uber, Airbnb, Angry Birds, OpenTable, Fab and HotelT
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