ParStream And Panopticon Partner To Provide Analytics And Data

ParStream and Panopticon are partnering to offer data analytics and data visualization by integrating their respective platforms.

ParStream offers an in-memory analytics technology that offers sub-second response. Panopticon is known for its visual analytics and in-memory engine that can push out graphics in an event stream.

ParStream has $5.6 million in Series A funding from Khosla Ventures. It has much to benefit from the Panopticon deal if nothing more than for the markets that will open up. Founded in 1999, Panopticon has an established presence in such markets as financial services and the telecommunications industries. Its longevity stems from its analytics and its well-known tree mapping and heat map-visualizations. It competes with Tableau Software, Tibco Spotfire and the list of data visualization companies popping up in the market.

ParStream is considered a solid player in the database market for its hybrid technology that only keeps the “hot data” in-memory, thereby reducing the amount of data it processes for a query. It does this by creating an index and analyzing the data in a compressed format. Only the hot spots of the index are created.

As I wrote last August: “The data is stored in columns, which is better for analytical purposes, and focuses on fast response times and parallel processing. The company’s targeted use cases are customers that have huge amounts of data that is imported continuously just once and not changed afterwards. Web analytics, fraud prevention, online advertising, telco billing, smart metering and sensor network data analysis are all examples of potential use cases.” According to Gartner, ParStream competes with such players as SAP Hana, IBM and VoltDB.