Watch ‘The Daily Show’ Clip That Sparked Twitter Ire Between Egypt’s President And The U.S. Embassy

Twitter became the unexpected battleground for tensions between the United States and Egypt, after the American embassy tweeted an episode of The Daily Show, which tore into the oppressive tactics of President Mohammed Morsi. “@USEmbassyCairo @TheDailyShow @DrBassemYoussef It’s inappropriate for a diplomatic mission to engage in such negative political propaganda,” responded the official account of Egypt’s president.

Egypt has taken a turn for the worse since the election of Morsi. Most recently, he arrested the host of a satirical news show, Bassem Youssef, after promising that no critic of the president would be harmed. No surprise, Daily Show host Jon Stewart went after Morsi is a (brilliant) 10 minute sketch.

Tweeting such a searing critique of Morsi not only shows the increasing power of Twitter in diplomatic relations, but reveals how bad negotiations have gotten between Egypt and the U.S.. Watch the episode that started it all below: