Music And Videos Go Live On BlackBerry World Web Store Ahead Of Today’s BB10 Launch

Today is D-Day for BlackBerry-maker RIM. Or rather BB10 day — as the company will finally do the big reveal of its rebooted mobile OS platform. With hours to go until the launch event kicks off, RIM has flicked the multimedia switch for its revamped BlackBerry World web store — putting the new music and video categories live.

The arrival of the content was spotted earlier by While both the music and video categories are appearing on the U.S. and Canadian versions of the storefront, when looking at the U.K. storefront only the music section is currently live.

Earlier this week RIM said the new video section would be available from launch in the U.S., Canada and the U.K., while the music store will be offered in 18 markets initially. The company has partnered with ROVI and 7digital to supply the video and DRM-free music content for BlackBerry World. RIM has not yet confirmed how extensive the catalogues are — beyond saying they are “competitive” and that it is adding “50+ titles per day” — but expect to get full details later today.

blackberry world music and video


The Video section of BlackBerry World is offering movies to rent, starting from around $2.99, or to buy — starting from around $7.99. TV shows generally look to be $1.99 per episode.

Music is for purchase only, with songs starting at around $0.99 each, and albums starting at around $5.99 — with the majority priced at around $9.99.