Toronto is poised to become the next great producer of tech startups

I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Toronto and learned there’s more to this city than Drake calling it home and the recent successes of their professional sports teams. We made one investment the

Blackberry Posts User Guides for iOS & Android Versions Of BBM Ahead Of Launch

The launch of BBM for iOS and Android appears to be imminent, as BlackBerry has accidentally published user guides for its forthcoming mobile messaging apps to its own website: here (iOS) and here (An

U.K. Phone Retailers Offer Cheaper BlackBerry Z10 Tariffs A Month After Launch — Soft Demand For First BB10 Handset?

After taking so long to transition to its next-gen OS platform, BlackBerry has an awful lot riding on its first BB10 handset, the Z10. The device launched at the end of January in the U.K. and early F

Yesterday Alicia Keys Was An iPhone Addict, Today She’s BlackBerry’s Global Creative Director

It wouldn't be a BlackBerry press event without something totally unexpected and semi-weird thrown in the mix. Today, at BlackBerry's media conference revealing BlackBerry 10, the company appointed Al

BlackBerry Bluetooth Mini Stereo Speaker Gives You A Speakerphone That Goes Anywhere For $79.99

RIM's accessories are almost as interesting as its first BB10 shipping hardware, and in addition to an external battery charger, they've also got a Bluetooth Speaker/speakerphone that's extremely port

BlackBerry External Battery Charger Bundle Means The Z10 Can Live Longer Away From Outlets For $49.99

BlackBerry didn't only unveil the Z10 today, it also introduced a couple of accessories, including the external battery charger for the LS1, the Z10's 1800 mAh battery. The external charger is extreme

The First BlackBerry 10 Device To Make U.S. Debut In March, Coming To All Four Major Carriers

We're right in the thick of RIM's big BlackBerry 10 announcement in New York, and it's been nothing if not eventful so far. CEO Thorsten Heins just recently unveiled the new BlackBerry Z10 (full revie

The Blackberry Z10 Is A Solid First Offering For BB10 Hardware, But The App Gap Looms Large

BlackBerry''s big day is here, and so is the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone. A company's hopes are resting on this bold (no pun intended) new device, and to some extent, a nation's as well. I've been

The Keyboard Lives On As BlackBerry Unboxes BB10-Based Touch-Qwerty Hybrid Q10

The BlackBerry keyboard is dead, long live the BlackBerry keyboard. Despite the full throttle touchscreen focus of its new mobile platform, BlackBerry 10, RIM has not forgotten its most fervent fans'

RIM Drops Research In Motion And Rebrands As BlackBerry, Trading As BBRY

No more RIM-shots allowed if you are among those who like to joke about the trials and tribulations of the Canadian handset manufacturer. Today the company said that it was dropping its Research In Mo

Live From RIM’s BB10/Z10 Media Event In NYC

After what feels like <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2012/05/01/no-shit-sherlock/">years of decline</a>, <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2012/05/02/thorsten-talks-rim-ceo-sounds-off-on-licensing-upda

Music And Videos Go Live On BlackBerry World Web Store Ahead Of Today’s BB10 Launch

Today is D-Day for BlackBerry-maker RIM. Or rather BB10 day -- as the company will finally do the big reveal of its rebooted mobile OS platform. With hours to go until the launch event kicks off, RIM

White BlackBerry Z10 Caught On Film Days Before Its Official Unveiling

After months of stoking anticipation and dealing with criticism, RIM will finally reveal BlackBerry 10 to the world on Wednesday. It's got to be a heady moment for everyone involved -- this is the com

RIM’s BlackBerry World Movie Downloads Landing In U.S., U.K., Canada First, DRM-Free Music Downloads Heading To 18 Markets

Ahead of the grand unveiling of its next-gen BlackBerry 10 OS this week, and fresh from rebranding its app store to BlackBerry World -- to flag up the multimedia content that will be up for grabs alon

BlackBerry 10 To Star In RIM’s First Super Bowl Commercial

Waterloo-based RIM is gearing up to take the wraps off of BlackBerry 10 in just a few days, but a bit of showmanship in front of journalists and analysts won't be enough to convince the masses of the

RIM Extends Built For BlackBerry Deadline After Receiving More Than 19,000 Applications

RIM <a target="_blank" href="http://devblog.blackberry.com/2013/01/extending-the-deadline-for-built-for-blackberry/">has announced </a>that it is extending its deadline for Built for BlackBerry after

RIM Rebrands App Store To BlackBerry World As It Adds Music, Videos Ahead Of BB10 Launch

As it gears up to launch its next-gen OS, BlackBerry 10, RIM has dropped the word 'app' from the name of its web store: turning BlackBerry App World into BlackBerry World -- as the new store will also

RIM CEO Says Licensing BlackBerry 10 Is “Conceivable”. Also Not Ruling Out Selling Its Hardware Production Business

The CEO of RIM, Thorsten Heins, has told a German newspaper he has not ruled out licensing BB10 to other device makers. Asked whether RIM might not go down the licensing route, as Microsoft has with W

Bango Adds Telefonica To Its List Of Mobile Carrier Billing Partners For Facebook And Beyond

Mobile payments company <a target="_blank" href="http://www.bango.com">Bango</a> -- partner to Facebook, Amazon, BlackBerry and others to enable app and content charges directly to your mobile phone b

Updated: Vodafone BlackBerry Users In Europe, Middle East And Africa Hit By Email Outage Caused By Vodafone Router Error

BlackBerry users on the Vodafone network in Europe, the Middle East and Africa have not been receiving emails today as RIM's network suffers another outage. Early this morning Reuters reported that em
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