BlackBerry Introduces The Z3, Its First Foxconn Phone, And The Q20 QWERTY Handset

BlackBerry has a couple of new smartphones in the offing, including the first sourced from new strategic partner Foxconn. The first Foxconn BlackBerry is the Z3, a Nokia-like touchscreen smartphone wi

BlackBerry’s First Foxconn Partnership Phone Will Be 3G BB10 Device, Coming March Or April 2014

BlackBerry announced today that it would be partnering with Foxconn to produce devices going forward, and CEO John Chen revealed a few details about the first fruits of that partnership on the company

With A Launch Fast Approaching, BlackBerry Pushes Out iOS & Android BBM Beta Invites

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins confirmed this past May that BBM would come to iOS and Android <a href="">"this summer"<

BlackBerry Shipped Just 2.7M BB10 Handsets In Q1 2014

BlackBerry didn't break out its individual BB10 device sales in its quarterly earnings report released earlier this morning, but during its conference call to discuss its performance CEO Thorsten Hein

BlackBerry To Launch BBM On Android And iOS This Summer

Today at BlackBerry Live, CEO Thorsten Heins announced BBM will soon be available on Android and iOS. The messaging app will launch globally this summer. This is a huge move for BlackBerry as it bring

BlackBerry Announces The Q5, A BB10-Powered Qwerty Smartphone Aimed At Emerging Markets

BlackBerry has just announced the BlackBerry Q5 smartphone, the latest BB10 handset to come out of the Waterloo-based firm. Like the Q10, the Q5 has a QWERTY keyboard and comes in a host of colors, in

Looks Like Those 1M Mystery BlackBerry 10 Devices Went To A Verizon Distributor

BlackBerry delivered one of the world's most mysterious press releases a short time ago when it revealed that it had sold a cool 1 million BB10 devices to an unnamed partner, but now it looks like som

U.S. Department Of Defense Reportedly Planning To Buy 650,000 iOS Devices After Nixing BB10 To Cut Costs

The U.S. Department of Defense will order 650,000 iOS devices to replace older BlackBerry devices that are incompatible with the new BlackBerry 10 operating system after the sequester is over, <a targ

Sprint To Get A ‘Version 2.0’ Of The All-Touch Z10 Later In 2013, Reports Claim

It was something of a black eye for BlackBerry when it came out that Sprint wouldn't be carrying the all-touch Z10 BB10 smartphone. A huge relaunch, integral to the company's future success, and one o

U.K. Phone Retailers Offer Cheaper BlackBerry Z10 Tariffs A Month After Launch — Soft Demand For First BB10 Handset?

After taking so long to transition to its next-gen OS platform, BlackBerry has an awful lot riding on its first BB10 handset, the Z10. The device launched at the end of January in the U.K. and early F

T-Mobile Aiming To Be First With BlackBerry Z10 Launch In The U.S. With Mid-March Release

T-Mobile says that Blackberry's new Z10 smartphone is "more stable than ... anticipated," and could potentially get a faster-than-expected launch on the network. As it stands, the new BB10-based smart

ABI: Windows Phone To End 2013 With 45M Handsets In Play, BlackBerry 10 Close To 20M — Out Of 1.4BN Global Smartphone Total

The Android + iPhone duopoly in the smartphone space will ease up slightly this year, according to a marketshare forecast by ABI Research -- albeit Google's platform is still predicted to take a 57 pe

The U.S. Likely Won’t Get Its Thumbs On The Hardware QWERTY-Sporting BlackBerry Q10 Until May Or June

When BlackBerry unveiled its new BB10 line of devices and mobile OS, the company showed off both the Z10 and Q10 smartphones. The Z10 was released shortly after the announcement in many markets (the n

BlackBerry Z10 Selling In “Large Numbers”, Says BlackBerry — Some U.K. Retailers Sold Out Over The Weekend

The company formerly known as RIM is holding its first developer event in Europe since launching its new BlackBerry 10 platform last Wednesday. Speaking at the BlackBerry Jam event in Amsterdam, UK MD

1.4B Smartphones In Use By 2013; Only 45M Windows Phones, 20M BB10s As Android, iOS Lead In ‘A Race Of Two Horses And Two Ponies’

<a target="_blank" href="">ABI Research</a> has put out its latest <a target="_blank" href="

The Blackberry Z10 Is A Solid First Offering For BB10 Hardware, But The App Gap Looms Large

BlackBerry''s big day is here, and so is the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone. A company's hopes are resting on this bold (no pun intended) new device, and to some extent, a nation's as well. I've been

Music And Videos Go Live On BlackBerry World Web Store Ahead Of Today’s BB10 Launch

Today is D-Day for BlackBerry-maker RIM. Or rather BB10 day -- as the company will finally do the big reveal of its rebooted mobile OS platform. With hours to go until the launch event kicks off, RIM

BlackBerry Z10 Goes Head-To-Head With iPhone 5 On Video

When is a secret not a secret? When it's featured in comparison videos ahead of an official product launch. The upcoming BlackBerry Z10 (which, if called something else or designed differently when it

In Case Anyone Cares, Here Are Leaked Shots Of The BlackBerry X10, RIM’s Upcoming BB10 QWERTY Handset

Research In Motion is set to launch BlackBerry 10 and two handsets at the end of January. But at this point, there shouldn't be many surprises. Nearly <a href="

Team BlackBerry, RIM’s Biggest Fans, Are Super Excited About BB10

In a marketing move almost as clever as bringing <a href="">unannounced devices to an NBA game</a>, RIM has
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