Moleskine Notebook And “Analog App” Brings Manual Photo And Video Mixing To iPhone

You might be familiar with “sweding,” the concept spawned by 2008 Michel Gondry film Be Kind Rewind that involves making low-budget remakes of your favorite movies with friends. That’s a little like what Honest&Smile are doing with the creation of so-called “analog apps,” which use physical contraptions to change or alter a smartphone’s functionality in a decidedly homegrown way. The group’s latest project is a partnership with Moleskine, to create a photo filter app built on a slightly modified version of one of that company’s much-loved notebooks.

The Abracadabrapp, as it’s called, combines elements that Honest&Smile developed in the creation of its first project, The Love Box. As with the The Love Box, the Abracadabrapp uses a small mirror and clever iPhone positioning to capture two sides of a conversation, or two different angles of a scene. Small transparent plastic filters provide image effects, and the whole thing can be broken down in seconds to fit within the Moleskine itself for easy transportation. An analog app isn’t exactly the easiest thing to describe, so check out the video above to see exactly what Abracadabrapp really is.

The Love Box sold out quickly, and this project is being offered on Rock The Post as a crowdfunded initiative. Honest&Smile is looking for just $2,800 to hand make a set of these. Pre-orders start at the $28 pledge level, and the funding period goes from now until January 3, 2013.